Simple DIY at Home Bath Detox

Simple DIY at Home Bath Detox

A detox bath is a great way to support the gentle removal of toxins from your body. Soaking in a hot bath, your pores open, and your skin absorbs whatever is in the water that you are soaking in. Adding some gentle detox ingredients to your bath water can help your body absorb compounds that may help it better eliminate built-up toxins.


We are all exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis. Thankfully, our bodies have built-in organs for processing and removing these toxins—namely the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, and digestive system. However, we can support these detox organs and make it easier for them to do their job. This is especially helpful if any of our detox organs are overburdened with a high toxic load.


While there are many ways to detox, a detox bath soak is an easy and enjoyable way to encourage the removal of toxins from the body. The benefits of a detox bath largely depend on what you put in the bath. Overall, if it is a detox bath, then the main benefits of a detox bath will be the removal of toxins from the body and the increased function of body organs as a result.


When your detox organs aren’t busy processing toxins, they can function more efficiently and can focus on their other important tasks. The liver, for example, performs over 500 different activities for the body—all of which it can perform more effectively when not overburdened with toxins.


Some people choose to do a detox bath for cold symptoms as a way to help their body relax and to help their body cleanse out any toxins that could be distracting the immune system from focusing on fighting pathogens.


Below, we will share a simple detox bath recipe that you can try out whenever you are feeling drawn to doing some extra cleansing.


Detox Bath Recipe

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First, run a hot water bath, filling your bathtub to whatever level you desire. Then, add two droppers full of the Fulvic Acid & Trace Ocean Minerals tonic (link product). Next, add ½ cup to 1 cup of Epsom salt. Lastly, add five drops each of the essential oils of tea tree and lavender. You can add other essential oils if you’d like. Give the bathtub water a gentle stir with your hand or foot, and mix the ingredients together in the water. When you are ready, sit in the bath and enjoy a relaxing detox soak.


Fulvic acid is an organic compound that chemically binds to heavy metal particles and other toxins, helping to remove them from the body. The trace ocean minerals in our formula contain over 72 trace minerals that support a variety of body functions.


Epsom salt is a common ingredient added to baths and a great source of magnesium, which supports over 300 enzyme systems that regulate many biochemical reactions in the body.


Tea tree essential oil is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial and helps to fight off harmful pathogens. The lavender essential oil also has some antifungal properties and helps to calm and soothe the nervous system.


How Do You Know If A Detox Bath Is Working?


Some people wonder what to expect after a detox bath and wonder how they can know if their detox bath is working. Most of the benefits of a detox bath will go unnoticed, as they are gentle and subtle. However, you may notice that you feel more relaxed, clearer, and refreshed and may even have more natural energy. It is not energizing like drinking a cup of coffee is, but rather it helps restore your natural energy levels by removing toxins that could be causing brain fog and fatigue.

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You can enjoy this detox bath recipe any time. However, if you take baths on a daily basis, it is best to only add the Epsom salt one or two days of the week, as it is rich in magnesium and may be too much for the body to absorb daily.


Understanding what the benefits of the ingredients are and the benefits of a detox bath in general, you can relax and enjoy the experience, feeling confident that you are giving your body some extra love and care. A detox bath can be a healing and restorative experience. Give it a try; your body and mind will thank you!


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