DMAE and Sun Protection

dmae cream for sun damage

In this day and age, we spend most of our time inside and lack the natural resistance to UV rays that our ancestors once had. Many of us work with sunscreens to repel excess UV radiation, but most lotions on the market today contain harmful toxins, preservatives, and heavy metals that throw off the delicate balance needed for optimal skin health. Each of us has a built-in component for protection known as melanin, but the levels of melanin in the body differ between races based on where our ancestors originated from and how much sun exposure they had. Melanin protects our skin cells from sun damage for 15-45 minutes (depending on skin pigmentation) before it burns off. With regular sun exposure, many of us don’t give our skin the proper time and nutrients needed to rebuild and heal. After our melanin stores are burnt off, our skin cells are exposed to the sun without protection which leads to free radical damage in the form of lipofuscin. Melanin takes 48 hours or more to rebuild, which is why people often get sunburned on day two of their vacation. 

This is where DMAE comes into play. It acts in place of melanin forming a protective layer while your skin is healing and rebuilding. It protects against UVA rays whereas most sunscreens work to protect you from UVB rays. UVA rays cause cross-linking of the collagen matrix which leads to wrinkles forming and a loss of skin elasticity. DMAE takes it a step further than protection and works to dissolve old sun damage or lipofuscin (freckling). It’s also a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to dissolve amyloid plaque in the arteries. 

Our DMAE Day face cream utilizes an emollient as a delivery system which means the molecular weight is small enough to penetrate the dermis. Most oil-based formulas sit in the outer layers of skin and don’t completely nourish the dermis. Our emollient delivery system allows all of the healing nutrients in this proprietary blend, including DMAE, to penetrate deep into the dermis and heal sun damage while preventing further degeneration. We recommend working with our DMAE Day face cream and our Brain Flow formula to experience the magic of this powerful antioxidant.





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