DMAE for Skin Care and Health

DMAE for Skin Care and Health


The health and appearance of skin becomes increasingly important to most people as they age, and while there are numerous skin care products on the market today, it is important to choose a product that is not only free of the harmful toxic chemicals used in many skincare products, but also one that actually offers real nourishment to the skin on a deep level. 

It is also important to understand that our physical health and appearance are largely dependent upon our diet and lifestyle, and making sure that we are giving the body the nutrients that it needs to produce healthy skin. (can hyperlink collagen box here) When we combine proper nutrition with an effective topical skin care product, we can generate skin that truly radiates health and beauty. 

The integumentary system is the system of the body that comprises the skin and its appendages, and acts to protect the body from various kinds of damage, such as loss of water or damages from outside. Within this system, there are three primary layers of skin: the epidermis—which is the surface epithelium of the skin—the dermis—the thick layer of living tissue below the epidermis which forms the true skin—and the hypodermis—the layer of cells beneath the dermis that are used mainly for fat storage.

DMAE Benefits and Effects on Skin

Most moisturizers and oil-based formulas sit in the outer layers of skin and don’t actually reach the dermis. Our DMAE Day face cream utilizes an emollient as a delivery system which means the molecular weight is small enough to actually penetrate the dermis, resulting in actual nourishment to a deep level of the skin. Our emollient delivery system allows all of the healing nutrients in this proprietary blend, including DMAE, to penetrate deep into the dermis and heal sun damage while preventing further degeneration.

What is DMAE? 

DMAE (short for Dimethylethanolamine) is an analog of the B vitamin choline and is a precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It has been well-known as a nootropic (hyperlink) and cognitive enhancing nutrient when consumed internally, but researchers are now discovering that it also has amazing healing properties for the skin.

What Does DMAE Do?

In one randomized clinical study, 3% DMAE facial gel applied daily for 16 weeks was shown to be effective in the mitigation of forehead lines and fine wrinkles, and in improving lip shape and fullness and the overall appearance of aging skin. Not only this, but the effects did not regress during a 2-week cessation of application. The study noted improvements in the appearance of coarse wrinkles, under-eye dark circles, nasolabial folds, sagging neck skin, and neck firmness.

DMAE is also a moderately active anti-inflammatory agent, meaning that it can help to reduce skin inflammation which is often the underlying cause of many skin issues.

Our DMAE Day face cream formula contains a synergistic blend of organic and sustainably sourced ingredients like aloe and coconut juice, avocado and jojoba oil, rosemary, black willow bark, and other natural ingredients that help to soothe and nourish the skin. With no harsh chemicals or toxins, organic and nutrient-rich ingredients, and an emollient delivery system that actually penetrates the dermis, our DMAE Day face cream is a skincare product that actually works, allowing for skin that is not only healthy and nourished, but that also glows with radiance and beauty too.






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