Fulvic Acid & 72+ Ionic Trace Mineral Tonic Formula

Breaking down Fulvic Acid + 72 Ocean trace minerals:

Why do I need minerals in my life?

Our ancestors used to get trace minerals from the food they ate, which was grown in mineral rich soil, and the water they drank. Many of us live lives dis attached from nature and buy our food from supermarkets, and filter tap water as our water. Most water filters strip the organic minerals from our drinking water. Combining this type of lifestyle with workouts such as hot yoga and high intensity interval training leaves our mineral stores depleted.

This is where our Zuma Nutrition Mineral Tonic formula comes in, we often call this formula the Spark of Life. This formula is extremely concentrated so it is meant to dilute your drinking water. Through diluting your drinking water with this potent mineral blend you are mineralizing your body and will likely feel countless benefits.


What are some of the potential benefits?

  • Better nutrient absorption
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases energy flow
  • Better immune response
  • Healthier skin, hair, & nails
  • Fights inflammation
  • Aids in the removal of toxins
  • Combats nutrient and mineral deficiencies
  • Provides the body with a variety of minerals that are essential for health

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What is Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is a weak organic acid that can penetrate cell walls. It’s extracted from humic ore which is wild harvested plant matter. The humic ore we use is naturally high in fulvic acid, and aged for one year before processing. Aging the humic ore allows it to become more porous through oxidation. Then the water soluble fulvic minerals and acids can be extracted without the use of solvents except natural spring water sourced from the same location as the humic ore. The spring water simply flows through the humic ore and emerges as humic acid; it’s the “tea” of the humic ore.

This potent mineral tonic is an all-natural, proprietary formula. It’s composed of Concentrated Fulvic Acid bonded with Ancient Ocean-Derived Trace Minerals, Seaweed-Derived Calcium and Magnesium. Our formula contains over 72 naturally-occuring trace minerals. (read more about trace minerals)