How To Take Care of Your Gut Health - It's Your Second Brain!

How To Take Care of Your Gut Health - It's Your Second Brain!

Have you ever heard of the gut being called a second brain? Your gut health is a great place to start your health journey because it’s key to your overall vitality and state of balance. There are millions of neurons in your gut that tell your brain what do to, as well as neurotransmitters including serotonin. For this reason, our team have developed a line of natural gut health supplements that promote detoxification of the gut, better micro biome balance, and liver health.

If your gut isn’t healthy, no amount of healthy food or supplements will have any benefit.

The upper section of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract focuses on breaking down the food you eat into tiny pieces. The lower section of your GI then absorbs what is needed, and eliminates the rest. If you’re wondering if you’re suffering from an unhealthy gut, symptoms include:


  • Indigestion
  • Gas
  • Heartburn
  • Ulcers
  • Constipation
  • Acid Reflux
  • Gastritis
  • Lack of energy and depression
  • Poor absorption of nutrients


There are several steps you can take to restore gut health. It starts with your diet.



Focus on a primarily plant-based diet, with occasional animal products. When incorporating animal products, follow the rules on food mixing (see next step). Look for grass-fed and organic meat, and wild fish. Make sure your diet includes plenty of protein to ensure your body gets its full dosage of essential amino acids. These amino acids help your body produce the over 100,000 proteins it needs to rebuild DNA, support immune function and brain function, your muscular and skeletal health and so much more.


Beyond amino acids, enzymes are an important part of any diet because they are crucial to digestion. Foods rich in enzymes include ginger and kombucha. We’ve made it easy for you and created a specific supplement to tackle your gut health - the Zuma Nutrition Enzyme Formula.

Try to fill your plate with a rainbow of vegetables. The colors in vegetables represent different types of antioxidants. Add an antioxidant supplement as needed.


To start, try adding the following foods to your diet:

  • Chia and Flax Seeds
  • Fermented foods such as Kim Chi, Kombucha, and Sauerkraut
  • Prebiotic foods that feed your healthy gut bacteria, including Jerusalem artichoke, oats, garlic, asparagus, and leeks
  • Ginger: Freeze dried ginger powder acts as a digestive bitter and has protein-digesting enzymes in it. Ginger not only promotes healthy gut bacteria, but kills pathogens, alleviates gas, pain and bloating, and battles nausea.
  •  Its spicy nature can help warm up a sluggish digestive system, promotes healthy gut bacteria, kills gut pathogens, relieves gas, pain and bloating, and helps with nausea.
  • Licorice Root: Licorice root tackles the root of gut imbalance, helping to heal inflamed gut tissue.
  • Marshmallow Root: Coats and soothes damaged tissue


Gut inflammation may also be caused by food allergies you might not be aware of yet Common food allergies include Gluten and or Wheat, Soy, Eggs, FODMAPS, dairy, refined sugar and high glycemic foods. Try cleansing your gut through an elimination diet. Remove these common food allergens from your meals, and then slowly reintroduce them after one month, to see how your body reacts.


Digestion and Food Mixing

The single most important thing to improve your digestive health is to avoid mixing sugar and meats. Why?


Your body has to filter and sort every food you eat, some which require digestion and some that do not. Simple sugars, like fruit juice, or honey, do not need digestion and pass directly through the bloodstream to be absorbed by the liver.

Foods that do need digestion don’t mix well when consumed with simple sugars because once your body begins to process simple sugars, the digestion process is interrupted. Simple sugars stop the activity in your body that was breaking down the undigested protein. Animal meats are not easy for your body to digest so make sure to avoid eating sugar for 30 minutes before or within 2 hours after eating any meat. This allows your body the time it needs to complete the digestive process. Otherwise, this meat can sit in your body for 72 hours or longer and be the perfect food for parasites and unhealthy bacteria.

In addition to monitoring your food mixing, make sure to drink plenty of water, chew your food thoroughly, and up your fiber intake (which comes naturally with a plant-based diet). Aim to have plants take up at least 70% of your plate.



The average human has up to 30 different types of parasites living in them, laying millions of eggs. When we created out Parasite Detox Formula, we made sure to include nature ’s three most powerful parasite killers in therapeutic dosage. They are wormwood, cloves, and green black walnut hulls. Each of these herbs developed natural defenses in nature against pathogens and parasites.

Our formula is extremely potent, so make sure to dilute it with water. Within 7 days of taking our tincture daily, all adult flukes will die, and within 30 days, all eggs will be killed.

Parasites in our bodies often come from raw fish and unwashed produce. While it’s impossible to completely avoid the sources of parasites, we can take steps to stay away from antibiotics, refined sugars, and acetaminophen. Unless you are seriously ill, antibiotics completely destroy your good and bad bacteria, and the bad bacteria tend to make a speedier comeback Acetaminophen you may think you’re not familiar with, but it’s commonly found in common cold medicine and Tylenol. It’s not gut-friendly, and our recommendation is to take it only if it’s absolutely needed.

Helpful Supplements:

  • Probiotics: The ideal balance of good vs. bad bacteria is 90% good or healthy, and 10% bad or unhealthy bacteria. In reality, the average American has the opposite. Probiotics can help restore this balance. Find our Zuma Nutrition Probiotic
  • Pancreatic enzymes: Take with a meal that requires digestion, such as lunch or dinner (that includes meat). Pancreatic enzymes are amazing as they build in your pancreas over time and can help your body with digestion even when you do not take them.
  • Parasite Detox Formula


Through taking these steps you can begin to rebuild your gut health and improve your overall longevity and wellbeing. Our formulas are here to guide you every step of the way.

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