Trace Minerals: Boosting Energy Levels And Vitality

Trace Minerals: Boosting Energy Levels And Vitality

Trace Minerals are an Essential Part of an Optimal Diet


Our soils are not what they used to be. After generations of poor agricultural practices that degrade soil health, most commercial crops are now lacking the minerals and nutrients that they once contained—even organically grown crops. When soil life is thriving, it makes the food grown in that soil full of nutrients. When soil life is dead or inactive, the quality of the food grown in that soil is diminished. Because of this, a majority of people are no longer getting the nutrition that foods used to provide. To make up for this loss of nutrients, supplementing with fulvic acid and trace minerals is highly recommended.


 What are trace minerals?


Fulvic acid and trace minerals work together synergistically, as fulvic acid carries nutrients to cells more effectively, providing for better absorption of trace minerals and other nutrients. Trace minerals are essential for the health of nearly all body functions, and combining them with fulvic acid ensures that they are effectively absorbed into the body’s cells.

 One of the key benefits of supplementing with trace minerals is the improvement that they make in our energy levels and vitality. Trace minerals are rich in electrolytes. These minerals play a role in regulating blood pressure, muscle contraction and keep your system functioning properly. Supplying the body with proper minerals and electrolytes makes a significant difference in our health and well-being, and greatly improves the way that we feel by giving us the energy needed to perform at our optimal level.


What Makes Zuma’s Fulvic Acid & Trace Ocean Minerals Formula Unique?


Fulvic acid, extracted from humic ore, is a weak organic acid that can penetrate cell walls. We use humic ore that is naturally high in fulvic acid, and age it for 1 year prior to processing. Aging the humic ore oxidizes it properly and makes it more porous, which then allows us to extract the water soluble fulvic minerals/acids using no solvents except the natural spring water from the same land where we obtain the humic ore. The extraction method is a simple, gravity-fed process in which the spring water flows through the humic ore and emerges as fulvic acid; simply the “tea” of the humic ore.


Our formula is an all-natural, proprietary formulation of concentrated fulvic acid bonded with ancient ocean-derived trace minerals, seaweed-derived calcium and magnesium. It contains over 70 trace minerals, naturally-occurring in their ionic form.


Taking undiluted is not recommended. Always dilute with chlorine-free water or other chlorine-free liquids.


  •       No chemicals, flavorings, preservatives, or sweeteners
  •       A good source of carbon-bonded trace minerals
  •       Helps to enliven water by adding electrolytes and micronutrients
  •       Acts as an adaptogen
  •       Non-irradiated
  •       Product of the USA
  •       Gluten-free



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