Liposomal Curcumin Tonic

Anti Inflammation, Joint Health, Longevity


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100% Vegan

Organic Ingredients

Doctor Formulated

No Pesticides

  • Unique Blend of 8 Organic & Biodynamic Herbs to Lower Inflammation Throughout the Body
  • Liposomal Delivery System = Better Absorption than Other Turmeric Supplements
  • Includes Turmeric Juice Powder, Turmeric Extract Powder, & Turmeric Oil
  • Naturally Rich in Turmerones, Anti-Aging Compounds Found Only in Turmeric Oil
  • Features Fenugreek as an Activator for the Curcumin Compound
  • Potential Benefits

    Lowers Inflammation Levels
    Supports Strength and Longevity
    Lowers Oxidative Stress
    Supports Joint Health
    Supports Immunity
    Supports Collagen Synthesis
    Supports Skin Health