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Himalayan Shilajit Liquid Tonic

Vitality, Brain Health, Detoxification


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  • Supports Energy Levels and Detoxification†
  • Cleanses Toxins and Supports Cellular Health†
  • Supports Hormonal Health and Vitality†
  • Contains Over 84 Carbon-Bonded Organic Minerals
  • Naturally High in Fulvic Acid
  • Broken Down Particle Size for Maximum Absorption
  • Wild Harvested from Above 16,000 ft in the Himalayan Mountains

Potential Benefits

Boosts Energy Levels†
Eliminates Heavy Metals†
Supports Detoxification†
Improves Cellular Function†
Balances Hormones†
Supports Vitality†
Replenishes Mineral Deficiencies†

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