Immune Response Tonic

Immunity, Anti Viral, Anti Inflammation


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Potential Benefits

Anti Viral
Liver Health
Kidney Health

Servings & Directions

5 pumps per serving (.1 ml per pump)
100 Servings Per Bottle
Directions: Up to two servings can be taken at a time, up to twice per day. This formula can be mixed with water, tea, or your favorite beverage of choice. For optimal absorption, take on an empty stomach.


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Our Immune Response formula was specially formulated to give the immune system extra support with powerful herbal ingredients that are not found in regular food. This herbal extract is most commonly used during the cold & flu season, and has also been found to be especially effective for seasonal allergies.

This potent herbal formula has been carefully designed to support your body’s natural immune response, which is how your body recognizes and defends itself against bacteria, viruses, and substances that appear foreign and harmful. Our team has mastered the art of herbal extraction, making each drop of this formula extremely effective. A single serving of this therapeutic formula is equivalent to drinking many cups of tea, due to the concentrated active ingredient extracts. We use the highest quality sources from all over the world, which are either wild crafted, collected fresh, homegrown in Idaho or shipped overnight capturing top medicinal properties from fresh live plants. We do our own processing in small quality controlled batches to achieve the highest and best quality of herbal extractions.

100% Vegan

No Chemical Solvents


Doctor Formulated

No Animal Testing

NO Preservatives


Arm your Immune System Daily

The average skin cell takes over 10,000 free radical hits a day, leading to mutations and damage to the cells, ultimately accelerating the aging process. The immune system is nutrient dependent, which means we need to arm our immune system daily with specific antioxidants. Our Immune Response Tonic contains a broad spectrum of anti-oxidant nutrients that provide protection against the daily bombardment of chemicals, pollution, viruses and bacteria we face in what is becoming an increasingly polluted world.


Defy aging with holistic ingredients formulated for optimal absorption

Native to northern Asia and Europe, though it now grows abundantly in the United States, Burdock Root has been used for centuries in holistic medicine to treat a variety of different conditions. Traditionally, it was most commonly used as a diuretic and a digestive aid, as well as to purify the blood. Recent evidence has found that burdock root can remove toxins from the bloodstream and promote circulation.

Commonly referred to as Brazilian Ginseng, this Amazonian herb has been used by indigenous tribes to treat a variety of conditions, including a tonic for energy, to boost sexuality, treat anxiety and ulcers, and more. Today, it is recognized as a potent adaptogen, which helps the body better adapt to stress. This herb has many properties including immune support, cell oxygenation, inhibiting tumor growth, and lowering cholesterol.

Olive leaf extract is a powerful herb with many therapeutic uses. It protects the digestive system and nervous system, reduces inflammation, is antimicrobial, and is rich in antioxidants. Olive leaf extract comes from the leaves of an olive plant. It contains an active ingredient called oleuropein, which is thought to contribute to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of olive leaf extract.

Burdock Root, Suma Root, Olive Leaf, Chinese Astragalus, Venus Fly Trap



Our Zuma Nutrition team takes pride in the formulation and efficacy of our products. All of the ingredients in our Immune Response Tonic are water soluble, simply take on an empty stomach with a simple sugar molecule such as fresh juice, raw honey, or molasses for optimal effectiveness.

Immune Defense Supplement FAQ

If you've ever wondered ''how can I build my immunity?'', the answer is through focusing on lifestyle practices. Eating a healthy diet, lowering inflammation and stress, the detoxification of toxic substances and pathogens from the body, and proper nutrition and lifestyle are the best ways to improve immunity. Nutrition and lifestyle are the foundation for a healthy immune system, but enhancing immune function and detoxing the body can be accomplished with this immune health dietary supplement. Our team have formulated the very most important nutraceuticals into packets, giving you a 5 in 1 immune support dietary supplement that may help with supporting the protection and repair of the body.

Our Daily Immunity Packs is a one-of-a-kind immune health dietary supplement that contains 5 capsules, each with important benefits for immunity. The packs include Ellagic Acid, Monolaurin, Tapioca Vitamin C, and a Co Enzyme B Complex. This immune system support supplement supports the repair of the body with potent antioxidants and the protection of the body by modulating immune function.

One should pair this immune health dietary supplement with our Immune Defense Tonic for ultimate protection. Our Immune Defense Tonic contains potent botanicals and plant based antioxidants for a full spectrum of benefits.

Yes, this immune system support supplement is lab tested for purity, pathogens, heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides.

Our team manufacture this immune support dietary supplement domestically in the United States. Our manufacturing for this product takes place in Utah.



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