Lung Detox & Support Tonic

Respiratory Health, Lung Cleansing, Oxygen Uptake


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100% Vegan

Organic Ingredients

Doctor Formulated

No Pesticides

  • Eliminates Inhaled Pathogens and Pollution Particulates
  • Cleanses Mucus in the Lungs
  • Lowers Inflammation in the Lungs
  • Liquid Extract Form for Optimal Effect
  • Therapeutic “Active Ingredient” Extraction to Increase the Potency
  • Fresh (Not Dried) Wild harvested Raw Ingredients from Idaho
  • Manufactured in Small Curated Batches
  • Potential Benefits

    Provides Lung Support
    Supports Lung Cleansing
    Supports Lung Rejuvenation
    Supports Immunity
    Enhances Brain Function
    Supports Oxygen Uptake


    Research Documents

    In a world that is becoming increasingly polluted, cleansing and supporting the lungs is more important now than ever.  This is a powerful blend of organic herbs that are therapeutically extracted to help cleanse, support and open up the airways. 

    Potential Benefits of Our Lung Detox & Support Tonic Include:

    Lung Cleansing- Through the combination and dosage of key lung supporting herbs, this formula may support the cleansing of the lungs by supporting the elimination of toxic build up in the respiratory tract, and also helps to thin mucus, relax the airways and muscles of the respiratory tract and promotes free breathing.

    Lung Support- The combination of herbs in this formula may help increase circulation in the lungs, making it easier to breathe, promoting lung and respiratory health, and clearing congestion. 

    Lung Rejuvenation- New research is revealing that numerous tissues thought to be static or poor at regeneration are in fact generating new cells, and can naturally regenerate under some circumstances. Studies suggest that when we clear the lungs of built up toxins, and support them with key nutrients, we create circumstances in which lung tissue can heal.  

    Brain function- Many herbs offer a wide range of benefits and uses. Aside from their action on the lungs, the herbs in this formula may have a beneficial effect on cognitive functioning as well.

    100% Vegan

    No Chemical Solvents


    Doctor Formulated

    No Animal Testing

    NO Preservatives


    Healthy lungs are absolutely essential for optimal health

    Every system in the body relies on the lungs. From cognition to digestion, effective breathing can not only provide you with a greater sense of mental clarity, it can also help you sleep better, digest food more efficiently, improve your body’s immune response, and reduce stress levels. Our natural lung detox supplements feature a unique extraction method to make each drop of this formula extremely potent.


    This medicinal leaf has been used for thousands of years to support respiratory health, cough and has potential anti inflammation benefits.

    This root has been used by native american and hispanic cultures for hundreds of years. The extract from this root offers potential lung support, lung cleansing, lung protection and other respiratory benefits.

    This herb is a potential remedy for respiratory issues, bacterial issues, and supports respiratory health.

    Osha root, Lungwort herb, Mullein leaf, Plantain leaf, Peppermint leaf



    Our Zuma Nutrition team takes pride in the formulation and efficacy of our products. All of the ingredients in our natural lung detox supplements are water soluble, simply take on an empty stomach for optimal effectiveness.

    Lung Detox FAQ

    Our Lung Detox Supplement features 5 different lung detox herbs that also support lung rejuvenation, lung regeneration, and lung health. This formula is a natural lung detox supplement made with organic ingredients, that may help reduce the production of mucus in the lungs and clears the airways of the lungs. This lung detox supplement makes oxygen breathed more usable by the lungs as they are less obstructed by mucus congestion and other respiratory blockages, leading to many other benefits such as brain function, energy, digestion and more. Of all lung detox supplements on the market, we are very proud to offer a truly effective and clean product.

    Many lung cleanse supplements on the US market are not bioavailable and often contain toxic contaminants. Lung Detox Capsules for example are not near as effective as our formula, our formula contains the active ingredient extract liquid from these lung detox herbs making for a truly concentrated formula. Lung Detox Capsules absorb at a much lower rate to the bloodstream and do not offer near the same benefits. Due to the small batch manufacturing our team conduct, wild harvesting of raw ingredients, and our proprietary extraction process, our Lung Detox Tonic is a one of a kind product with effective benefits you can feel.

    The lungs are some of the most important organs for our total health and well-being, yet in the world of nutritional supplements, there are not many lung cleanse supplements on the market. We are proud to provide this natural lung detox tonic made with all organic and / or wildcrafted herbal ingredients. Every system in the body depends on oxygen, and therefore the lungs. So by improving respiratory health, we improve our total health and wellbeing.

    The lungs, liver, and kidneys are among the bodies major organs of detoxification. With our these lung detox herbs, you can support this important organ of detoxification. Diet, lifestyle, hydration, sleep, and exercise are also essential components to detoxification and health. So, what is the best way to detoxify the body? First of all, avoid adding toxins to the body in the first place, and then focus on these key components of diet, hydration, sleep, exercise, and specific herbal supplementation.

    Due to the concentration of this formula, some people have a hard time taking it straight into the mouth, so perhaps consider making a lung cleansing drink. Here are two examples of lung cleansing drink formula you can make at home:

    1. Add our Lung Detox formula to your favorite fresh pressed juice to make a lung detox juice. A fresh lung detox juice in the morning is a great way to support respiratory and immune system function. Try to avoid acid juices such as grapefruit and citrus.

    2. Make a Lung Detox Drink by adding this formula to hot water and honey. This would also be considered an herbal tea, which is a great way to enjoy therapeutic benefits from this product.

    To make a lung detox drink, one should either add this formula to juice to make a lung detox juice beverage, or mix with hot water and honey to make a lung detox drink.