Can Detoxing Cause Hair Loss?

Can Detoxing Cause Hair Loss?

Detoxification is a popular topic today, and many people report significant health benefits they achieved through detoxification. At Zuma Nutrition, we also are big supporters of detoxification, as we understand the benefits of lowering your toxic load on overall health. However, we also know that it is vital to detox in the right way.


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Not all detoxification methods are the same, and some can be pretty harsh on the body. There are many side effects to improper or forceful detoxification. If done too rapidly or forcefully, the stress it puts on your body can also cause further symptoms. One negative side effect that can be particularly alarming for people is hair loss.

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So, can detoxing cause hair loss? Is hair loss a natural side effect of detox, or does hair loss occur from detoxing improperly? Losing your hair from detoxification is rare, but if it does occur, you will most likely wonder if it is normal and how long it will last.


Natural Factors That Cause Hair Loss

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    Our hair grows following a natural cycle. As new hair is produced, old hair may shed clearing the way for new growth. This can lead to some minor hair loss, but this is totally natural. In addition to this growth cycle, hair may change with the seasons, causing more accelerated growth or shedding depending on the light and temperature we're exposed to. 


    We also all lose some amount of hair every day, and the amount can vary from person to person. Losing some hair daily is natural, but this is different from shedding, where large portions of your hair are lost. Shedding significant amounts of hair is unnatural and more of a cause for concern.


    What Causes Severe Hair Loss?

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    Hair is very much responsive to what is going on inside the body. If you begin losing hair, it may be a signal that there is a deeper health issue. The main factors that can affect hair loss include:


    • Stress
    • Nutrient deficiencies
    • Toxicity
    • Thyroid issues


    Stress can be physical or psychological. They are connected, as physical stress usually causes psychological stress, and psychological stress certainly causes physical reactions in the body. If you detox too aggressively and put your body or mind under considerable stress, it may be enough to cause hair loss. This is why it is so important to support your natural detox organs instead of forcing your body to do any too aggressive detox.


    Nutrient deficiencies can also cause hair loss, particularly amino acid, zinc, copper, and iron deficiencies. It is essential to ensure you are getting these nutrients in your diet. If you are getting them and are still losing hair, it could be because organisms like parasites are stealing these nutrients from you, so you are not actually absorbing them. In this case, getting rid of the parasites can help correct these nutrient deficiencies and support hair regrowth.


    Toxic build-up and heavy metal toxicity can also cause hair loss. When you detox, the problems that toxins are causing in your body rise to the surface—this can be from heavy metal toxins, chemical toxins, or even toxic organisms like parasites or Candida. Stirring up these toxins can reveal the havoc that they have been having on your body. Hair loss can be a natural part of your detox and cleansing process. While it may be upsetting or cause some anxiety, it is a sign that you are finally getting to the underlying cause of your health problems. Your body is clearing, removing, and cleansing to regenerate and heal.


    Thyroid imbalances may also cause hair loss. The thyroid can be negatively impacted by various factors, such as heavy metal particles, toxins, parasites, bacteria, other pathogens, mold, and food allergies or intolerances that impact the immune system. These can all severely strain your thyroid and lead to hair loss. Detoxing and removing these toxins can help you remove the pressure on the thyroid, allowing it to heal and function better, so your hair has an opportunity to regrow.

    Can Detoxing Cause Hair Loss?

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    The short answer: is yes, it is possible for detoxing to cause hair loss. But it depends. If you are losing hair from stress, this can be prevented by taking your detox cleanse slowly and gently and not trying to force your body to detox by consuming large doses or highly concentrated substances.


    If you have a lot of toxic build-up, your body might shed hair as part of the healing process. This is natural and actually a good sign of healing, though it can bring up some fear or discomfort.


    Hair loss can also be caused by thyroid imbalances or by nutrient deficiencies, which may be remedied with proper detoxification and a nutrient-dense diet.


    Hair loss from detox is an infrequent side effect. If it happens, it is likely due to one of the reasons above. Understanding the cause of your hair loss can help you understand what to do about it. If you are too aggressive with your cleanse, ease up and take it more slowly. If you are stressed or overwhelmed, focus on relaxation and de-stressing, and seek support if you need it. If your cleanse is working well and naturally causes some hair loss, try not to stress too much about it. In any case, you can always consult your doctor to help diagnose the cause of your hair loss.


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