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Our top priority is the quality and effectiveness of our products. We monitor every part of the production process—from the soil that the herbs are grown in, to the packaging of the finished product—using only organically grown plants, and processing our products in our FDA cGMP certified lab, ensuring there is no exposure to foreign objects or chemicals. We then send all of our products to a third-party lab for further testing.

Our team originally put this line of supplements together for patients, and have only recently launched our brand so that we could offer our products to a wider audience. We are passionate about health, and focus on all aspects of what makes a product truly effective—from the healing properties of the plants in our formulas and how they work together in synergy, to the extraction method that is used and how the product is absorbed once consumed. These are the highest quality and most effective supplements we have come across in over 30 years of research.

Medicine that impacts the planet positively

Organic and Regenerative

At Zuma Nutrition, it is our mission to not only create the very best medicines but to do so in a way that positively impacts our planet. Each of us has a responsibility as caretakers of this Earth, and by not living in alignment with nature, we compromise the environment that future generations will inherit. All of our herbs and superfoods are certified organic and grown in biologically active soil. By focusing on the health of our soil, we keep the delicate communities of microorganisms alive, allowing for healthier and more nutrient dense plants, while simultaneously helping to sequester carbon, taking it out of the atmosphere and storing it within the soil. No synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used in the growing of our botanicals.

Product formulation that is bar none in the industry

Created by experts

In 39 years of applied research working with biochemists, herbalists, botanists and alchemists around the world, two particular master healers stood out to Richard Helfrich as uniquely talented. Richard brings you the ZUMA Nutrition line that was created with these master healers. All of our supplements are properly sorted into unique delivery systems depending on what is optimal for that ingredient. Whether nano sized, micellized into micronized fat lipids, or therapeutic dose extracted with organic alcohol, you can rest assured that our team has done the research as to why our formulation is in that specific form. We have sorted all of our supplements into categories; water soluble, fat soluble, and large molecule, as the body recognizes, assimilates and absorbs each of these molecular structures in different ways.

About Zuma

Zuma Nutrition is here to heal the people of the earth through education about health, and by offering truly effective medicines, and to do so in a way that positively impacts our planet.

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