Complete Amino Acid Formula

Energy, Cognitive Function, Metabolism


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100% Vegan

Organic Ingredients

Doctor Formulated

No Pesticides

  • Contains 9 Essential Amino Acids and 11 Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • Free Form Powdered Capsules with 99%+ Bioavailability
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Blend Optimized for Protein and Collagen Synthesis
  • Derived from Organic Vegetables
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility

Potential Benefits

Supports Collagen Synthesis
Supports Protein Synthesis
Supports Energy Levels
Supports Lean Muscle Retention
Supports Immune Function
Supports Cognitive Function
Supports Neurotransmitter Balance

Pharmaceutical Grade Amino Acids for Muscle Recovery, Joint Health & Skin Health

Amino acids are the building blocks of the body. They form the proteins that make up your tissues and organs. Since your body cannot produce essential amino acids, they must be provided through the food you eat each day to remain in tip top health.

Unfortunately, most people severely lack these essential nutrients. The body does not store amino acids for very long, so we need to consume enough of them each day to stay healthy. Not only can it be difficult to get the right amount of amino acids in your diet, but many modern foods are heavily processed and difficult to digest, making it hard to receive the nutrients they contain. Amino acid deficiency is extremely common, and it can lead to a wide range of negative health issues.

Amino Acids are essential for many functions in the body, including:

Lean Muscle & Muscle Building

When you eat protein, your body breaks the protein down into amino acids. These amino acids are then used to repair and grow new muscle fibers. (5) When you consume an adequate amount of amino acids, and are able to absorb these amino acids effectively, it provides the optimal nutritional requirements for muscle building.

Soft Tissue & Joint Health

Amino acids contribute to musculoskeletal health and repair in many ways. (9) For example, the soft tissue between our vertebrae begins to degrade over time, but you can rebuild and maintain this soft tissue with amino acids.

Brain Health & Neurotransmitter Balance

To function adequately, the central nervous system (CNS) requires a number of amino acids. Amino acids such as tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine, and arginine are used by the brain for the synthesis of various neurotransmitters and neuromodulators. (10)

Additionally, amino acids are necessary for:

  • Muscle growth & recovery
  • Energy production
  • Immune function
  • Mood regulation
  • Fat metabolism
  • DNA repair
  • Wound healing
  • Hemoglobin production
  • Digestion

Amino acids are the essential building blocks of the body, and without them, our body cannot function.

Now You Can Get Every Essential & Non-Essential Amino Acid in a Single Formula

Our Complete Amino Acid Complex contains 20 plant based amino acids, including all 9 essential amino acids and 11 non-essential amino acids derived from organic vegetables. Derived through no toxic chemicals or fillers, this medical grade dietary supplement is far more effective than BCAA supplements that only contain 4 branch chain amino acids, and is also much more effective than protein powder supplements.

Unlike many other protein supplements, our formula contains non-essential amino acids. Consuming non-essential amino acids from an external source allows the body to utilize these nutrients without having to synthesize them itself in the liver, which is a delicate process that is often interfered with due to poor liver health.

Making sure your body has adequate amino acids, and that it is actually able to absorb these important nutrients, is a simple way to increase longevity, optimize physical performance, and improve your overall health and well-being.

What Makes This Formula So Effective?

This is a pharmaceutical grade amino acid supplement that has been traditionally used by physicians to help rebuild muscle and soft tissue post injury or surgery. This proprietary formula was developed by top researchers and physicians, and contains amino acids in the correct forms and ratios for optimal protein and collagen synthesis.

Amino acids are the essential building blocks of the body, and are among the most important nutrients for overall health and longevity. Through cutting edge technology, our amino acids are formulated in a free form, also known as “nano.” This means that the particle size is small enough to be absorbed rapidly and effectively with no digestion needed. Which means these nano particle amino acids will go to work on rebuilding muscle and soft tissue FAST.

This makes our Complete Amino Acid Complex stand out among other amino acid supplements, as many protein powders and capsules are not easily digested or absorbed. The nano sized particles in our amino acid formula have 99%+ bioavailability allowing them to be absorbed almost instantly, resulting in real benefits and results.

L Lysine

Essential for building collagen, lysine helps to maintain healthy skin, hair, nails and soft tissue. It also plays an important role in immune system health.

L Glutamine

Glutamine is an energy source for intestinal and immune cells. It helps maintain the barrier between the intestines and the rest of the body and aids with proper growth of intestinal cells.

L Leucine

Leucine is an essential amino acid for protein synthesis. It helps to regulate important cellular processes such as tissue regeneration and metabolism.

L Proline

A major amino acid found in cartilage and is important for building collagen, maintaining youthful skin and repairing muscle, connective tissue and skin damage. It is also essential for immune system health.

N Acetyl L tyrosine

Improves alertness, attention and focus. This amino acid produces important brain chemicals that help nerve cells communicate and helps to regulate mood.

Our Complete Amino Acid Complex Is Easy to Take:

Simply take 2 capsules on an empty stomach with a glass of nonacid juice like apple, papaya, grape, mango, etc. or any other simple sugar for optimal absorption. Up to two servings can be taken per day.

Complete Amino Acid Formula FAQ

The ingredients in this formula are derived from organic cruciferous vegetables.

Yes, all Zuma Nutrition products are 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Yes, this amino acid formula is free form, or nano, meaning the particle size has been broken down for optimal bioavailability.

This amino acid formula is manufactured in Japan.

This is a proprietary blend with 1354mg of free form powder per serving. We do not offer the individual amino acid breakdown of our proprietary blend.