Complete Amino Acid Formula

Energy, Cognitive Function, Metabolism


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100% Vegan

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  • Contains 9 Essential Amino Acids and 11 Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • Free Form Powdered Capsules with 99%+ Bioavailability
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Blend Optimized for Protein and Collagen Synthesis
  • Derived from Organic Vegetables
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility
  • Potential Benefits

    Supports Collagen Synthesis
    Supports Protein Synthesis
    Supports Energy Levels
    Supports Lean Muscle Retention
    Supports Immune Function
    Supports Cognitive Function
    Supports Neurotransmitter Balance


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    Did you know that amino acids are one of the most common nutrient groups that people are deficient in?

    Our Complete Amino Acid Complex Supplement contains 20 plant based amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids and 11 non-essential amino acids derived from organic vegetables. This medical grade dietary supplement is far more effective than BCAA amino acid supplements that only contain 4 branch chain amino acids, and is also much more effective than protein powder supplements.

    This is a medical grade amino acid supplement that has been traditionally used by physicians to help rebuild muscle and soft tissue post injury or surgery. This proprietary formula was developed by top researchers and physicians, and contains amino acids in the correct forms and ratios for optimal protein and collagen synthesis. 

    Amino acids are the essential building blocks of the body, and are among the most important nutrients for overall health and longevity, and through cutting edge technology, our amino acids are in a free form, also known as “nano”, which means the particle size is small enough to be absorbed rapidly and effectively with no digestion needed.


    Key Benefits of Our Complete Amino Acid Complex Supplement Include:

    Lean Muscle & Muscle Building- When you eat protein, your body breaks the protein down into amino acids. These amino acids are then used to repair and grow new muscle fibers. When you consume an adequate amount of amino acids, and are able to absorb these amino acids effectively, it provides the optimal nutritional requirements for muscle building.

    Helps Maintain Youthful Skin- Collagen is a protein that is essential for the health of our skin. Supplementing with amino acids supports the body’s natural process of collagen synthesis, which is dependent on key nutrients, specifically amino acids and vitamin c.

    Soft Tissue/Joint Health- Amino acids contribute to musculoskeletal health and repair in many ways. For example, proline and glycine are essential for collagen production. Proline is the precursor to hydroxyproline, an essential ingredient in collagen production and thus in joint and tendon health and repair.

    Brain Health/Neurotransmitter Balance- To function adequately, the central nervous system (CNS) requires a number of amino acids. Amino acids such as tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine, and arginine are used by the brain for the synthesis of various neurotransmitters and neuromodulators.

    Supports Immune System Health- Amino acids are used for synthesizing new cells, proteins, and peptides for the immune response. Furthermore, amino acids can be used as fuel by the immune system either directly, or following their conversion to other amino acids (e.g., glutamine) or to glucose.

    100% Vegan

    No Chemical Solvents


    Doctor Formulated

    No Animal Testing

    NO Preservatives


    All of the essential and non essential amino acids in a microscopic form the body can absorb immediately

    Amino acids are perhaps the most essential nutrient category that people are deficient in. People following a plant-based diet, in particular, often do not get adequate amino acids for optimal collagen and protein synthesis. Amino acid deficiency can cause a breakdown in collagen synthesis and protein synthesis leading to accelerated skin aging and joint health issues. The daily requirement for essential amino acids is roughly 5-7 grams depending on weight. People that eat meat are also often deficient in amino acids due to poor gut health and poor digestion. Have you ever eaten a heavy meal that was followed by bloating or indigestion? When this occurs, it is likely that the body is not able to break down the meal to a point that the micronutrients can be absorbed and assimilated. This means valuable nutrients are being left in the digestive tract and are not available to the body. Our Complete Amino Acid Complex Supplement contains 20 amino acids in a nano form that can bypass the digestive tract and be absorbed completely and effectively.



    L Tyrosine is a precursor to several important neurotransmitters and helps support the thyroid, energy and mood. This amino acid helps the body manage stress and anxiety.

    The most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream, L Glutamine helps support gut health, heals leaky gut and ulcers, and boosts brain health.

    Arginine offers health benefits for both the brain and body through dilating blood vessels and improving circulation and blood flow, improving nitric oxide production, and fighting high blood pressure. Arginine has been shown to support brain function and improve athletic performance.

    L Lysine, L Isoleucine, L Glutamine, L Tyrosine, L Threonine, L Alanine, L Leucine, L Histidine, L Arginine (HCL), L Aspartic Acid, L Valine, Ornithine Ketoglutarate, L Methione, L Cystine, L Glutamic Acid, Glycine, L Phenylanine, N Acetyl L Tyrosine, L Serine, Taurine, L Proline, Alpha Lipoic Acid



    Our Zuma Nutrition team takes pride in the formulation and efficacy of our products. All of the amino acids in our Complete Amino Acid Formula are formulated to be water soluble—simply take on an empty stomach for optimal effectiveness. If you have ever experienced queasiness or nausea from supplements it is likely due to improper sorting of nutrients. Through taking water soluble nutrients together on an empty stomach, the nutrients can be absorbed simultaneously and completely with no nausea or queasiness.

    Amino Acid Complex Supplement FAQ

    Amino acids play central roles both as building blocks of proteins and as intermediates in metabolism. Amino acids are needed for vital processes like the building of proteins and synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. Amino acids are found in foods, but may also be taken in supplement form. Amino acids are categorized as essential or nonessential depending on several factors. Our complete amino acid supplement contains all 11 essential amino acids and 11 non essential amino acids and through using cutting edge technology, our capsules do not need to be digested in order to be absorbed, simply combined with a simple sugar molecule while on an empty stomach, completely bypassing the digestive process. Keep in mind that two different amino acid formulas on the US market can be the difference of a pinhead vs a golf ball in terms of your body’s ability to absorb and use the nutrients. Our amino acid formula may benefit energy levels in the body, provide the essential building blocks to build the body, supports collagen synthesis, support lean muscle retention, support immune function, and support cognitive function.

    Our amino acid supplement contains: L Lysine, L Isoleucine, L Glutamine, L Tyrosine, L Threonine, L Alanine, L Leucine, L Histidine, L Arginine, L Aspartic Acid, L Valine, Ornithine Ketoglutarate, L Methionine, L Cysteine, L Glutamic Acid, Glycine, L Phenylalanine, N Acetyl L Tyrosine, L Serine, Taurine, L Proline, Alpha Lipoic Acid

    This amino acid complex is a vegan amino acid supplement that is derived from organic vegetables. Our entire Zuma Nutrition product line is vegan / vegetarian friendly and we are very proud of this vegan amino acid supplement as it is truly a therapeutic formula.

    Amino acid tablets are not near as bioavailable as our free form amino acids capsules. Our free form amino acids are also significantly more effective than liquid amino acids. The reason our free form amino acids are so effective is because the powder in the capsules is nano sized which allows the free form amino acids to bypass the digestive tract. This means that no digestion is needed in order for the free form amino acids to hit the blood stream. This allows for optimal bioavailability compared to amino complex tablets that require digestion in order to be absorbed.

    Amino acid deficiency is very common due to issues digesting protein and poor dietary habits. Amino acids are the building blocks of the body and help to support tissue health, bone health, neurotransmitter balance, and more. Our Vegan Amino Acid Supplement is more bioavailable than other amino complex tablets on the market and does not require digestion in order for these free form amino acids to be absorbed. This means you can get the benefit you would from a full meal without needing to worry about the digestion, assimilation absorption process that usually takes few hours after eating. Liquid amino acids are an interesting meal additive but our vegan amino acid supplement is a much more therapeutic product that will give rapid health benefits if taken correctly.

    There is a wide variance in quality of amino acid supplements. There are liquid amino acids for example that are often added to food as a food additive. These liquid amino acids are mass produced and very different than our therapeutic free form amino acids. Additionally, there are a variety of amino acid tablets that lack bioavailability and are often produced in China. Be careful when purchasing amino complex tablets as often the combination of sulfur based and aromatic based amino acids is incorrect which can actually cause harm to the body. Amino acid tablets are not as effective as free form amino acids powder capsules so make sure to be careful when shopping for the best amino acid supplement!