Liver Detox & Support TonicLiver Detox & Support Tonic

Liver Detox & Support Tonic


Detoxification, Liver Health, Metabolism

Parasite Detox TonicParasite Detox Tonic

Parasite Detox Tonic


Gut Health, Detoxification, Immunity

Fulvic Acid & Trace Ocean MineralsFulvic Acid & Trace Ocean Minerals

Fulvic Acid & Trace Ocean Minerals


Energy, Immunity, Detoxification

Spark of Life BundleSpark of Life Bundle

Spark of Life Bundle


Energy, Cognitive Function, Immunity

Digestive Enzyme ComplexDigestive Enzyme Complex

Digestive Enzyme Complex


Digestive Health, Nutrient Absorption, Detoxification

Lung Detox & Support TonicLung Detox & Support Tonic

Lung Detox & Support Tonic


Respiratory Health, Lung Cleansing, Oxygen Uptake

Co Enzyme B ComplexCo Enzyme B Complex

Co Enzyme B Complex


Immunity, Mood, Cognitive Function

Multi-Strain Probiotic ComplexMulti-Strain Probiotic Complex

Multi-Strain Probiotic Complex


Gut Health, Digestive Health, Mood

Kidney Detox & Support TonicKidney Detox & Support Tonic

Kidney Detox & Support Tonic


Detoxification, Kidney Health, Kidney Cleansing

Candida Cleanse TonicCandida Cleanse Tonic

Candida Cleanse Tonic


Anti Fungal, Gut Health, Detoxification

Detox Supplements FAQ

The process of detoxification is ongoing, as each day our bodies are exposed to oxidative stress. The modern world is the most toxic time humans have lived in human history—pesticides in our food and water, powerful UV and UVA rays, air pollution, mold toxins, parasites, heavy metals, contamination of our water, toxins hidden in our foods, and so much more. A regular routine that includes natural detox supplements as well as a lifestyle that avoids some of what is listed above is vital in this day and age. Our team refers to the amount of toxins your body has accumulated as your toxic load. Although managing your toxic load through lifestyle choices is vital for optimal health, occasionally using herbal detox cleanse products can help you cleanse your body from the toxins it has accumulated throughout the years. Herbal detox cleanse supplements can be very effective at enhancing your body’s natural detoxification processes, adding quality to your life in countless ways, from gut health and energy, to balance and stress management.

One key group of toxins that directly affect the immune system are parasites. A parasite is an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense. Parasites are perhaps one of the most unacknowledged health issues in society, and one that most people do not like talking about this subject. This is why perhaps our most important detox cleanse supplement is our parasite detox formula. Most living creatures are parasitic, and humans are not exempt from getting parasites. Thankfully, our immune system does a great job at protecting us from parasites, provided that it is strong and healthy. Even so, parasites may be able to trick our immune system by manipulating crucial signals in the body and therefore avoiding attack from our immune system. Our parasite detox formula is one of the best detox supplements as it is very effective at eliminating the harmful creatures that constantly challenge our immune system. Other supplements for detox include our liver detox formula, our fulvic acid and trace ocean mineral formula, and our lung detox tonic which is a very potent herbal detox cleanse formula. We also include our Probiotic Complex in our Detox Collection as this can be used as a part of a probiotic detox regimen. Probiotic detox regimens work by focusing on improving the environment in the gut which makes the living environment in the gut less hospitable to parasites, fungus, SIBO, and other harmful forms of toxins.

Our Zuma Nutrition team have curated the very after decades of applied research. Many supplements surprisingly contain toxins, so keep in mind the very best natural detox supplements contain the best ingredients, no harmful additives, and use delivery systems to assure the detoxifcation process is effective and optimal. Body detox supplements are one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve health but should be used with caution as side effects can occur if they are working effectively. Read our blog for specific guides on how to use our organic detox cleanse supplements in a safe and controlled manner. Remember, that these detox drops formulas are meant to amplify the body's natural detox pathways and need to be combined with healthy lifestyle, proper hydration, and nutritional protocols for optimal effectiveness.

These herbal detox cleanse formulas are far different than juice cleanses or basic herbal capsules. These detox drops formulas are therapeutically extracted from organic herbs by our team of herbalists. The formulas contain the active ingredients from clinically researched herbs in therapeutic doses. These natural detox supplements contain antioxidants and adaptogenic benefits that go beyond flushing toxins, parasites, fungus, among other things from the body, including enhancing immune function, and promoting energy. For example, our Liver Flush and Detox Tonic is one of our most potent organic detox cleanse supplements, and helps the body to push toxins from the liver. However, this formula also can be taken as a part of a daily regimen as our Liver Detox Tonic also contains milk thistle in an active ingredient formula, an ingredient clinically studied to support liver regeneration and liver health. Olive leaf, an additional ingredient in our Liver Detox Tonic is a potent anti viral nutrient that supports immune system function. Many of the ingredients in this collection of supplements detox are similar in this matter in that they can be taken daily as a part of a daily regiment. We recommend taking all of our detox drops on any empty stomach as this allows for optimal absorption of these herbal nutrients assuring optimal benefits.

Our natural detox supplements do not cause side effects as commonly as many more strong detox medications but side effects can occur as fungus, parasites, or bad bacteria die off. For this reason one of the most important cleansing supplements to include in a detox regimen is a binder such as Fulvic Acid or Zeolite. Through using a binder supplement, detox reactions can be mitigated and much less of an issue. We recommend pairing our Fulvic & Trace Ocean Minerals formula as a binder when using our Liver Detox tonic or Parasite Detox Tonic. Our Lung Detox Tonic can be taken with or without a binder and side effects are very rare. One other way to mitigate detox side effects is to focus on a probiotic detox for a few weeks prior to doing an organic detox cleanse regimen. A probiotic detox including our Multi Strain Probiotic and ample amounts of spring water will allow your intestinal environment to get to a healthy place prior to adding a more potent herbal detox cleanse supplement into the regimen. As the gut environment gets healthier, within 30-60 days, adding a more potent herbal detox cleanse supplement will be easier on the system.

Through enhancing the body's natural detoxification pathways using our targeted natural detox formulas, the body's toxic load is lowered allowing for better cell function, better immune system function, among other health benefits. This will often be scene in energy, skin health, weight loss, and general longevity. It is absolutely necessary to focus on lifestyle factors when using supplements detox as toxins that keep entering the body from food, air and water can make the body's detoxification process much more difficult. Using potent herbal detox cleanse supplements when living a toxic lifestyle is not recommended and will make our line of detox drops supplements not work near as well, and increase the chances of experiencing side effects. Through limiting toxin uptake in the body these targeted supplements for detox work far better. Detoxification is more important than ever in the modern world as our air, food and water are becoming increasingly compromised with pesticide residue, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, and other toxins. Many naturopathic doctors believe detoxification is the key to good health, make sure to look at our blog posts to read about how to lower the body's toxic load, and how to use each of our cleansing supplements properly. We also recommend reading books on this subject to gain a better understanding of the complicated environmental factors that effect toxic load as well as learning about the body's natural detox pathways. Although detoxification is not spoken about much, it is a major epidemic that will be a topic of discussion with future generations as our world continues to become more and more polluted. We are here to support with our line of natural detox supplements and our Zuma Nutrition team will continue to add new supplements for detox in years to come.