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Candida Diet Friendly Snacks

Candida Diet Friendly Snacks

There can be so much confusion and frustration when it comes to what to eat on the candida diet. It can be a dramatic shift in your normal eating habits, and without some guidance, it can be easy to give up.


We want to be the voice of encouragement here to remind you not to give up! You got this!


Remember why you decided to take control of your health in the first place, and don’t let the challenge of getting rid of Candida weigh you down. Once you get rid of Candida and restore your gut your symptoms will clear, and you will feel better than ever. Keep this goal in mind and do your best to stay on the diet!


Thankfully, there are plenty of snacks and desserts that can make our Candida diet more enjoyable. Getting to know these Candida diet snacks can make a world of difference. When you know what Candida snacks to buy and what snacks to eat on a Candida diet, it makes this restrictive dietary cleanse much easier.


We hope you enjoy this Candida diet snack list and hope that it gives you some ideas of how you can incorporate more Candida friendly snacks into your diet, and so you can have a more enjoyable detox process overall.


Keep in mind that health implies balance, and that everything should be done in moderation. Just because you know some healthy Candida snacks doesn’t mean you should binge on them or overeat! You still want to take good care of your digestion and support the cleansing process, but to make this process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Now, here is our list of easy and delicious sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free Candida diet snacks:


  • Carrots and Hummus
  • Kale Chips Cooked in Olive Oil
  • Sprouted pumpkin seeds
  • Sprouted sunflower seeds
  • Sprouted watermelon seeds
  • Roasted almonds or other nuts (avoid peanuts, pistachios, cashews on the Candida diet)
  • Low sugar apples, like granny smith, and almond butter
  • Olives
  • Sautéed Eggplant Cooked in Olive Oil
  • Organic Sourdough Bread with Smashed Avocado
  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Dandelion Greens Sautéed in Olive Oil
  • Sauteed Yellow Squash in Olive Oil
  • Eggs
  • Low Glycemic Green Smoothie
  • Grass-fed Organic Steak
  • Free Range Organic Chicken
  • Cauliflower tortillas with Kimchi and eggs
  • Raw Cheddar Cheese
  • Cooked Artichoke with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
  • Avocado with Balsamic Vinegar
  • Anti-Inflammatory Curcumin Tonic
  • Guacamole


There are many different kinds of snacks you can have on a Candida diet. Veggies and hummus or guacamole is a go-to snack for many. Chia seed pudding can be made in a variety of delicious ways. A simple handful of nuts can do the job. Apples or celery and almond butter is another go-to snack. Grain-free crackers can be delicious. The list goes on.


You can also find many good recipes online that offer grain-free, dairy-free and gluten-free options for Candida friendly snacks. While you may be limited to foods that are grain-free and low in sugar, the only real limit is your imagination! You can make many delicious foods and snacks that are Candida diet-friendly. Once you’ve figured out your staple meals and snacks, the Candida diet becomes easy.


We hope this Candida snacks list has helped you with some ideas for snacks to eat on your Candida diet!

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