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Probiotics and Candida | Everything You Need to Know

Probiotics and Candida | Everything You Need to Know

Probiotics play an important role in both prevention and treatment of Candida. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help to balance your gut microbiome. Candida are a type of yeast that can easily overgrow and lead to infections in the gut.


Probiotics and candida are actually both a natural part of the gut microbiome. Candida and probiotics are among the trillions of organisms inside your gut. Probiotics, or beneficial gut bacteria, help to control the growth of Candida in the gut so they stay at healthy levels.


When something affects or kills off the beneficial bacteria in your gut—such as poor diet, stress, alcohol, toxins, or antibiotics—the Candida no longer have anything restricting their growth, and they can easily grow out of control.


As you can see, Candida and probiotics go hand-in-hand. Without beneficial gut bacteria, Candida grow rampant. With a healthy gut microbiome, full of beneficial bacteria, Candida are kept under control and do not lead to an infection.


So, if you are struggling with Candida, then supplementing with a good multi-strain probiotic can help to replenish beneficial gut bacteria. Make sure that the probiotic has multiple strains so you get a diversity of bacteria in the gut. It is also good to ensure that the supplement has an enteric coating that allows it to get passed the acid in the stomach. Without this enteric coated capsule, most probiotic bacteria won’t reach the lower intestines.


These kinds of probiotic supplements are the best probiotics for SIBO and Candida. SIBO, short for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is another gut infection that can be prevented by having a healthy gut microbiome.


As you learn more about health, it becomes ever more clear that digestion and gut health are among the most critical factors for determining our overall health and well-being.


If you struggle with Candida, it can negatively impact your gut health, and as a result, your immune system can suffer, your digestion can be impaired, your energy levels can become low, you can get brain fog, leaky gut, skin rashes, acne, joint issues, and many other health issues.


While a good probiotic can help with fighting off a Candida infection, you’ll also need to do a Candida Cleanse to see the best results. A Candida cleanse and probiotics together can help you be successful in overcoming your Candida infection.


During a Candida cleanse, you remove all sugar from your diet and follow an anti-candida diet. This will starve the Candida and weaken their population, since all yeast feed on sugar. Then, you supplement with antifungal herbs to kill off the weakened Candida yeast. Lastly, you focus on recolonizing the gut with beneficial probiotics and prebiotics—this is where the Candida cleanse and probiotics work together to restore gut health.


Additionally, it is recommended to take a holistic approach to improving your overall health through the right diet and lifestyle.


We go over this process in detail in our Complete Candida Cleanse Protocol


Candida infections can be difficult to get rid of. While probiotics and Candida are closely connected, it takes more than just supplementing with probiotics to get rid of a Candida infection. The only way to see real success is to do a whole Candida cleanse involving diet, antifungal herbs, and a holistic approach to gut care.

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