Complete GI Protocol: Restore Microbial Balance & Heal Leaky Gut

Rebuild your gut microbiome, feed beneficial bacteria, repair damaged tissue, and rebuild your gut lining with our complete GI protocol.† Get the essential tools for removing harmful toxins and gut pathogens, recolonizing the gut with beneficial bacteria, repairing the intestinal barrier and enhancing digestive health.†

Each year 70 million Americans are diagnosed with a digestive disorder. At the root of most of these gut issues is dysbiosis--an imbalance in the gut microbiome. Research published in the National Library of Medicine states that the ideal ratio of gut bacteria is 90% good and 10% bad bacteria. Low fiber diets, high sugar intake, refined carbohydrates, fats, antibiotics and alcohol all destroy the body's friendly bacteria. Instead they feed the unfriendly bacteria, resulting in candida, yeast infections, mood swings, mucus build-up and more. As a result, most people have the inverse ratio of 10% good bacteria and 90% bad bacteria.

This imbalance allows harmful organisms like Candida, parasites, and other pathogens to grow out of control. These organisms then cause inflammation in the gut, rob us of important nutrients, stress our immune system and damage our intestinal barrier.

This can lead to severe health issues like leaky gut, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), poor nutrient absorption, autoimmune conditions, food allergies and more.

Digestive Disorders

A toxic gut environment causes inflammation and allows harmful organisms like Candida and parasites to grow out of control. As Candida grows, its root structures penetrate the intestinal barrier, causing leaky gut and allowing toxins to pass through into your bloodstream. If untreated, this can have severe health effects, including food allergies, autoimmune conditions, poor nutrient absorption and impaired digestion.

Weakened Immunity

Health professionals agree that 80 percent of your immune tissue is located in your digestive tract. The digestive tract is the first line of defense against pathogens and toxins that enter your body. Your intestines form a protective barrier between your bloodstream and the external world. If this barrier is compromised, it allows toxins to attack your immune system, allowing for the development of numerous health issues.

Chronic Fatigue

Impaired digestive health can lead to poor nutrient absorption. This can cause tiredness, brain fog and mood disorders. Parasites can also release toxins in the gut and steal your nutrients, making you even more tired as your body fights off the infection.

Why Solve This Issue With A Complete Protocol?

Your gut microbiome is extremely sensitive, and needs the right balance of bacteria to function properly. An imbalance in the gut allows harmful organisms to take over, releasing their toxic wastes, stealing important nutrients from your food, causing inflammation in the gut, and damaging the gut lining. This condition can be very difficult to repair, and requires a comprehensive approach that involves:

  • Restoring the gut with specific beneficial bacteria
  • Feeding these bacteria with the right kind of prebiotics
  • Repairing damaged intestinal tissue
  • Rebuilding your gut lining

Healing the gut is the most important place to start in getting your health back on track, and repairing the gut lining is critical for making any real progress in improving gut health. Fixing the bacterial imbalance (dysbiosis) restores proper digestive health, and acts as a preventative protection against parasites, Candida, SIBO, and other pathogens.†

Rebuild the Gut Microbe Environment: Multi-Strain Probiotics

Probiotics are a certain type of friendly bacteria that provide numerous health benefits. Beneficial gut bacteria protect you from pathogens like parasites, and Candida.† They strengthen your immune system and also play an important role in digestive health.† Supplementing with probiotics helps you keep your gut microbiome healthy and parasite-free.† It is important that you choose the right type of probiotic supplement for the best results. Our Multi-Strain Probiotic Complex features 30 billion CFUs and eight unique strains that promote the strains of bacteria in the gut. Included in this professional grade probiotic formula are both lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria and their numerous species that colonize both the upper and lower bowel.

Feed Beneficial Bacteria: Arabinogalactan

Prebiotics are indigestible fibers that feed probiotics. They act as food for the beneficial bacteria in your gut and allow their populations to grow and thrive. Arabinogalactan, extracted from the larch tree, are densely branched, high molecular weight, water-soluble polysaccharides that are among the most beneficial prebiotics promoting the growth of the probiotic bacteria Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.† They also support healthy immune function.†

Repair Damaged Tissue: Colostrum

Colostrum is an essential nutrient involved in repairing DNA.† It contains hormones, enzymes, complex sugars and growth factors which speed up the growth and healing of tissue.† It stimulates the growth and repair of every organ, gland and tissue in the body, and also strengthens the immune system as it contains the immunoglobulins that form our first line of immune defense.† Immunoglobulins attach to pathogens preventing them from entering the body where B and T cell immunity would have to deal with them.† Colostrum also has the enzyme peroxidase which destroys disease-carrying microbes, and lactoferrin to neutralize certain strains of harmful bacteria.†

Rebuild Gut Lining: Butyric Acid

Butyric Acid is a powerful compound that helps the body produce short-chain fatty acids, heals the lining of the stomach, small intestine and large intestines, repairs damage from bacteria and fungal infections, and supports the immune system.† Butyric acid also acts on the fungal stage of candida, destroying the root-like structures (rhizoid) that penetrate the intestinal membrane causing leaky gut.† Butyric acid then helps to repair the damage to the intestinal membrane.† It also helps reduce inflammation in the gut which leads to the treatment of numerous digestive disorders.†

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