Chinese Astragalus Plant & Its Benefits

Chinese Astragalus Plant & Its Benefits

Astragalus, also known as Huang-Qi, is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Astragalus herbs has been seen to have many uses and benefits. It has been used for centuries, due to its wide range of health benefits including immune-boosting, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. Astragalus is most often used with conditions involving energy, vitality and wellbeing.


While there are over 2,000 species of astragalus, only two are primarily used in supplements -  Astragalus membranaceus and Astragalus mongholicus. The root of the plant contains multiple active compounds. The astragalus root contain many uses and positive side effects. These compounds help strengthen the immune system, plus reduce inflammation. A little herb goes a long way.

Astragalus properties On The Body

Astragalus properties are commonly believed to help prolong life, and it’s used to treat ailments such as fatigue, allergies, and the common cold. It doesn’t stop there however - the plant is also used against conditions like heart disease and diabetes.


Astragalus is known as a tonic herb, meaning it is an herb that helps tone organs, and can be consumed daily to promote health and longevity (TCM). You may be more familiar with the word “adaptogen.” These have replaced the concept of tonics in western herbalism. Adaptogen refers to an herb’s ability to help the body adapt to stress. Astragalus also has these adaptogenic properties, which help the body to adapt to a variety of internal and external stresses. These benefits from astragalus’s properties are very helpful in benefiting overall health.


We know stress on your body can take a variety of forms, and that includes harmful invaders like bacteria, germs and viruses. Astragalus has beneficial plant compounds that help enhance the immune system. Some research has shown evidence that the astragalus herb may increase the body’s production if white blood cells, which are responsible for protecting your body from illness. Astragalus root has also been shown to help kill bacteria and viruses in mice with infections.


Astragalus benefits go straight to the heart. Patients with heart failure participated in a clinical study for two weeks. Those given 2.25 grams of astragalus twice daily, along with conventional treatment experience greater improvements in heart function than those receiving standard treatment alone.

The Benefits of Astragalus on the Kidney & Blood

In TCM, much emphasis is placed on the role and health of the kidneys. Astragalus benefits & supports kidney health function improving blood flow and laboratory markers of kidney function, such as measures of protein in the urine.


The active compounds in Astragalus roots may also help lower blood sugar levels in those with type 2 diabetes. In China, the benefits of astragalus are widely recognized, astragalus is actually the most frequently prescribed herb to help with diabetes management.

Astragalus Usage Safety

Astragalus is generally regarded as safe, but some experts do advise caution for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, primarily because there’s a lack of sufficient evidence to verify if its safe or not for infants. Since astragalus is known to boost the immune system, it’s advised to avoid the herb if you have an autoimmune disease or are taking immunosuppressive drugs.


In the right situations, astragalus is a powerful medicinal herb with a wide range of uses. It’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, and has proven success in the modern day, scientifically verified to have a variety of health benefits and uses.




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