Heavy Metal Detox Juice Recipe

Heavy metal detox juice recipe

Heavy metal toxicity is a major threat to our health and well-being. Every day we are exposed to microscopic heavy metals that severely impact our health. Metals in cookware, aluminum cans and foil, chemicals in beauty and hygiene products, water pollution, food contamination, and other environmental sources of heavy metals make their way into our bodies and disrupt our health.


It’s important that we know how to get these metals out of our bodies, and that’s exactly what this heavy metal detox juice recipe is for.


You may have heard of the popular Medical Medium heavy metal detox smoothie recipe, but this juice recipe is one of the best heavy metal detox recipes we have come across, and includes nano-zeolite as one of its major ingredients.


Nano zeolite selectively binds & removes heavy metal particles from the body safely & effectively. This natural volcanic mineral’s negative charge binds to positively charged heavy metals.


Zeolite also consists of an open, three-dimensional cage-like structure with a vast network of open channels. Once positively charged toxins travel through these channels, they become bound to the negatively charged cage-like structure. This makes zeolite act like an actual cage, trapping in toxins and helping them to be effectively removed from the body.


In addition to zeolite, this recipe includes some other great ingredients for removing heavy metals and other toxins, plus it is very easily absorbed by the body.





How to Make:


  1. In your juicer of choice, juice 1 whole cucumber, ½ bunch of celery, and 1 bunch of cilantro.


  1. Fresh squeeze the juice of one whole lemon into the juice mixture.


  1. Add 5 pumps of Nano Zeolite tonic.


  1. Add natural spring water to dilute (optional)


  1. Stir and enjoy!


Benefits of the Heavy Metal Detox Juice


Nano Zeolite – one of nature’s most effective remedies for heavy metal detoxification. As mentioned, zeolite’s molecular structure has a 3D cage like arrangement and a negative charge that binds to positively charged heavy metals, traps them in, and effectively removes them from the body. Zeolite also does not get broken down or absorbed by the body. It simply passes through your bloodstream collecting positively charged toxic elements and is then excreted.


Lemon – a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants, lemons help to protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals. They also have an astringent property which gently tightens muscle tissue, helping to squeeze out toxins.


Cilantro – a powerful medicinal herb that helps remove heavy metals from the body. Cilantro heavy metal detox benefits are due to its chelating properties. Along with zeolite, cilantro helps eliminate heavy metal particles that may be stored in the bloodstream or tissues.


Celery – the juice of celery has many benefits. It supports digestion and liver health and helps reduce inflammation.


Cucumber – this vegetable is deeply hydrating and contains many nutrients and minerals like vitamin K, magnesium and calcium.


Together, these ingredients combine to make a one of a kind juice recipe for heavy metal detoxification.


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