The 10 Best Foods for Hair Growth

best foods for hair growth

When it comes to hair growth and getting healthy, luscious hair, it's important not to overlook your diet. The food you consume can significantly impact the health, growth, and thickness of your hair. In this article, we will discuss the best foods for hair growth, exploring the foods and nutrients that promote hair growth and thickness naturally. Whether you're seeking foods for hair growth, food for hair growth and thickness, or simply want to discover the best foods for healthy hair, you've come to the right place.


1. Salmon



Salmon is often regarded as a nutrient-rich food and is one of the best foods for hair growth and thickness for a few reasons. First, salmon has a naturally high content of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for nourishing hair follicles, reducing inflammation on the scalp, and promoting hair growth. (1) Additionally, omega-3s play a crucial role in maintaining the natural oils on the scalp, preventing hair from becoming dry and brittle.


Salmon is also a high-quality protein source, and since hair is primarily composed of the protein keratin, consuming enough protein is essential for strong, healthy hair. (2) The other nutrients in salmon, including B vitamins, vitamin D, zinc, selenium, iron, and antioxidants also contribute to healthy hair.


2. Eggs



Eggs are another great food for hair growth, as they are a readily available source of biotin, an essential B-vitamin that is vital for hair growth. (3) Biotin is a key player in strengthening hair, reducing breakage, and fostering the growth of lush, healthy locks. Including eggs in your diet can help to provide your hair with the biotin boost it needs for optimal growth and thickness.


3. Spinach



When it comes to food for hair growth and thickness, spinach is another nutrient powerhouse. This leafy vegetable is packed with iron, a mineral crucial for preventing hair loss due to iron deficiency. (4) Additionally, spinach boasts an abundance of vitamin A, which supports sebum production. (5) This ensures a well-moisturized scalp and healthier, shinier hair, preventing it from becoming dry and prone to breakage.


4. Almonds



Almonds are not only a tasty snack but also a fantastic addition to your diet for hair health. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant known for its ability to enhance blood circulation to the scalp. (6) Improved circulation ensures that hair follicles receive a steady supply of essential nutrients, ultimately leading to thicker and healthier hair.


5. Oysters



When it comes to foods for hair growth and thickness, oysters are a standout choice due to their exceptional zinc content. Zinc is a vital mineral that plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of oil glands around hair follicles. (7) By doing so, it prevents hair loss and promotes a fuller mane. Incorporating oysters into your diet can provide a significant zinc boost to support your hair's health. 


Additionally, we offer a Liposomal Guava Leaf Zinc, which is a highly bioavailable plant-based source of zinc and is a convenient way to get your daily requirements of this important nutrient.


6. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes are a natural source of beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A. Beta-carotene is essential for hair health as it supports sebum production. (8) This natural conditioner keeps the scalp and hair moisturized, preventing dryness and breakage. Including sweet potatoes in your meals can contribute to hair that not only grows but also maintains its luster and strength.


7. Brazil Nuts 

brazil nuts


Brazil nuts stand out when it comes to hair-boosting foods, thanks to their high selenium content. Selenium is a mineral vital for scalp health and hair growth. (9) It plays a key role in processing iodine, which is a critical regulator of hair growth. Including Brazil nuts in your diet can help ensure your hair is on the path to becoming thicker and healthier.


8. Lentils



Lentils are an excellent food for nourishing your hair. They provide protein for hair strength, iron to prevent hair loss due to iron deficiency, and biotin to promote thicker and healthier hair. This makes lentils a valuable addition to your diet for achieving your hair goals.


9. Kiwi 



Kiwi, with its vibrant green flesh, is an excellent source of vitamin C. This antioxidant-rich fruit plays a pivotal role in supporting collagen production, which is essential for hair strength. (10) Additionally, vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron, ensuring that your hair receives all the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and thickness.


10. Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds 


Sunflower seeds are another excellent choice for those seeking to improve hair health. They are packed with vitamin E, a nutrient known for improving blood circulation to the scalp. This enhanced circulation ensures that hair follicles receive the necessary nutrients, ultimately leading to thicker and healthier hair.


Achieving Faster Hair Growth


Incorporating these hair-boosting foods into your daily diet is an excellent step toward faster hair growth. However, remember that hair growth is a gradual process, and patience is key. Maintain a well-rounded diet, stay hydrated, and practice good hair care habits for the best results. With time and dedication, you can unlock the secret to luscious, thick, and healthy locks.


Taking Care of the Scalp Microbiome

scalp microbiome


Another area of hair health that is often neglected is taking care of the scalp microbiome. Our scalp is covered with billions of bacteria that help to protect the scalp and keep hair healthy. Most shampoos today contain harmful chemicals that strip the scalp of these beneficial bacteria, leading to poor hair health and potentially even hair loss.


Our Organic Shampoo contains no harsh chemicals, utilizes natural herbal ingredients, and includes natural probiotics that support a healthy scalp microbiome – instead of destroying it. Our Organic Conditioner works with our shampoo to deeply hydrate hair and support it with healthy omega fatty acids.


It's important to focus on the foods you are putting in your body, but it is also important to look at what you are putting on your hair and scalp. Focusing on both diet and haircare products is the best way to support healthy hair.




Incorporating these top 10 foods for hair growth and thickness into your daily meals can make a noticeable difference in the health and appearance of your hair. From salmon's omega-3 fatty acids to the biotin boost of eggs and the zinc marvel of oysters, each food brings its unique set of benefits to the table. Remember that hair growth is a gradual process, and consistency is key. Combine these hair-boosting foods with a balanced diet, proper hydration, and good hair care practices for the best results. 





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