Chasteberry Tea Recipe | Female Tonic

Chasteberry Tea Recipe | Female Tonic

Female Tonic | Balance Hormones with Herbs


Chasteberry is a traditional herbal remedy that has been used to reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause, and may also help normalize estrogen and progesterone levels. This chasteberry tea recipe is an easy and delicious way to include chasteberry in yout diet, and it can be a helpful support for various women’s health issues.




1 Cup Filtered Water

½ Tsp Local Raw Honey 

½ Tsp Organic Ginger Powder

½ Squeezed Organic Lemon 

5-7 pumps of Zuma Happy Hormones tincture


For additional potency steep 1/2 Tsp of dried Chasteberry herb 


How to Make:


  • Bring water to a hot temperature but do not boil
  • Pour water into a mug
  • Add ½ Tsp Local Raw Honey 
  • Add ½ Tsp Organic Ginger Powder
  • Add ½ Squeeze Organic Lemon
  • Add 5-7 pumps of Zuma Happy Hormones tincture
  • Stir and enjoy!


Health Benefits


Local Raw Honey:


Raw honey has been used as a folk remedy throughout history and has a variety of health benefits and medicinal uses. Raw honey contains an array of antioxidants that help to protect your body from cell damage due to free radicals. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Local raw honey is usually the best quality you can get, and contains pollen from the local area that can also help protect your immune system from allergens.


Ginger Powder:


Ginger has a very long history of use as a medicinal herb and culinary spice. It helps aid digestion, reduce nausea, and helps fight the flu and common cold. Gingerol, the main bioactive compound in ginger, is responsible for much of ginger’s medicinal properties. Gingerol has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, and can help reduce oxidative stress, which is the result of having an excess of free radicals in the body.


Lemon Juice:


Lemons are high in vitamin C, fiber, and numerous plant compounds. Their vitamin C content helps to remove excess free radicals and boost immunity, and their fiber content helps aid digestion. They also help to alkalize the body pH, which also has immune-boosting effects.


Zuma Nutrition Happy Hormones Tonic:


Happy Hormones tonic


Our Happy Hormones tonic is a unique formula that contains several medicinal herbs renowned for their ability to facilitate hormonal balance and women’s hormonal health:


  • Chasteberry, a key ingredient in this formula, is a traditional remedy for various women’s health issues and has been used to reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause, and may also help normalize estrogen and progesterone levels. 
  • Evening Primrose has been studied extensively and various studies regard it as being highly effective in treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. 
  • Shatavari Root is a traditional Ayurvedic herb that has long been used for women’s reproductive health throughout all stages of their life; it is also a potent adaptogenic herb that helps to regulate the endocrine system, enhance immunity, and helps the body cope with physical and emotional stress. 
  • Wild Yam is a plant native to North America, Mexico, and parts of Asia that has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy for treating menstrual cramps, PMS, rheumatism, and digestive problems.
  • Black Cohosh, a flowering plant native to North America, is an active ingredient in various women’s health products and has long been used in Native American medicine to help with menopause symptoms, fertility, and hormonal balance.


Combined together, the ingredients in this chasteberry tea may help to support women’s health, balance hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle, provide PMS relief, and regulate and support the health of the endocrine system.

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