Fulvic Acid & Trace Ocean Minerals

Energy, Immunity, Detoxification


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100% Vegan

Organic Ingredients

Doctor Formulated

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  • Binds to and Eliminates Toxins & Heavy Metals
  • Fulvic & Humic Acid Complex Wild Harvested from Canadian Humic Ore
  • Contains Natural Ocean Minerals Extracted from Deep Ocean Soil
  • Rich in Natural Electrolytes and Ionic Trace Minerals
  • Formulated in a Base of Pure Spring Water
  • Potential Benefits

    Eliminates Heavy Metals
    Reduces Inflammation
    Eliminates Toxins
    Improves Cellular Function
    Balances Hormones
    Supports Vitality
    Replenishes Mineral Deficiencies


    Research Documents

    Fulvic acid is one component of humic acid, which is made of many organic compounds found in the earth’s soils, rock sediments and bodies of water, and is formed by the gradual decomposition of certain plants and animals by the action of microorganisms.

    Research over the past few decades has revealed that the ingredients in our fulvic acid supplement have incredible benefits to human health. Trace minerals, also called micro minerals, are essential minerals that the human body must get from food. Unfortunately, due to poor agricultural practices, many of our soils are now depleted in minerals, and we are no longer receiving the nutrition from food that our ancestors once did. For this reason, it is recommended to supplement with trace minerals to ensure one receives these extremely important nutrients. Of all the supplements in our line, this product is perhaps the most crucial to include in a daily regimen.

    Key Benefits of our Fulvic & Trace Ocean Mineral Drops Include:

    Supports Detoxification- Fulvic acid is a powerful chelator, meaning it is capable of binding to and breaking down toxins and metals that enter the body through the food supply, water, prescription medications, household products and air pollution. Minerals are also important in the detoxification process as they play essential roles in supporting the body’s natural detoxification pathways. 

    Supports Gut Health- The compounds found in fulvic acid help nourish the digestive tract and also boost the ability of “good bacteria” to repopulate and form a healthy “microbiome” environment. Fulvic acid also helps improve digestion. Numerous studies show that fulvic acid transports minerals and other nutrients to cells more effectively, boosts absorption rate of nutrients by making cells more permeable and fights inflammation within the digestive tract.

    Improves Energy and Reduces Fatigue- Electrolytes are minerals in your body that have an electric charge. Supplementing with minerals greatly helps to improve one’s levels of energy. As natural and organic electrolytes, humic acids also activate and energize nearly every biological process in the body. An electrolyte is soluble in water and works by conducting electrical currents, helping cells survive in the face of damage caused by things like emotional stress, uncontrolled infections, unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep and surgical shocks.

    Increases Brain Function and Protects Brain Health- Researchers have recently concluded that fulvic acid has powerful neuroprotective effects. Fulvic acid has several antioxidant, nutraceutical properties with potential to protect against cognitive impairments and mental decline.

    Reduces Inflammation- One of the greatest contributors to inflammation in the body are unstable molecules called free radicals. Fulvic acid contains antioxidants that counter the effects of free radicals and also help detoxify the body of many toxins that contribute to the problem, such as chemicals used in agriculture, radioactive waste and heavy metals.

    Improves Mitochondrial Function- Mitochondria are membrane-bound cell organelles that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell's biochemical reactions. Certain nutrients can protect against oxidative damage to mitochondria and contribute to mitochondrial function. Many of these key nutrients are trace minerals; most notably the minerals magnesium and zinc which are contained in natural occurring levels in this mineral formula.

    This is one of our most important formulas in our Detox Collection. 

    100% Vegan

    No Chemical Solvents


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    Our humic acid and fulvic acid is extracted from humic ore, which is a form of plant matter very rich in natural occurring minerals. We then age this plant matter for up to a year until the humic ore is porous. As the plant matter becomes porous, we extract the water soluble fulvic minerals and acids using the natural spring water from the same land where we obtain the humic ore. This extraction process is completely chemical solvent free and creates a fulvic mineral complex unlike any other on the market. Our proprietary mineral blend is nano-sized for optimal bioavailability, allowing these minerals to pass the blood-brain barrier. These ancient ionic fulvic minerals work to clean up your cells, helping you feel and look younger and rejuvenated.


    Natural occurring minerals extracted from plant matter and deep harvested ocean soil

    Contains over 70 essential minerals and trace elements which give structure to our organs, tissues, and bones. Trace Ocean Minerals also help to balance mineral deficiencies, pH balance, and membrane permeability.

    Fulvic Acid has a low molecular size that easily penetrates into cells. Because of this, it is capable of both enhancing nutrient absorption into the cells, as well as detoxifying cells of heavy metals and other toxins. Fulvic Acid improves gut health, immune function, cognitive health, energy and vitality, and aids in the detoxification of toxic substances from the body.

    Magnesium is an essential mineral and electrolyte and is a catalyst for over 300 biochemical functions in the body. Some of the benefits of magnesium include regulating blood pressure, balancing nitric oxide in the body, promoting a balanced and low stress state of mind, supporting muscle tissue and nerve function and much more.

    Purified Water, Ancient Inland Ocean Minerals, Fulvic Minerals, Seaweed Derived Calcium, Magnesium



    Our Zuma Nutrition team takes pride in the formulation and efficacy of our products. All of the ingredients in our Fulvic Acid & Trace Ocean Mineral Tonic are water soluble and fully nano sized, simply take on an empty stomach for optimal effectiveness.

    Fulvic Acid Supplement FAQ

    Our fulvic acid liquid minerals supplement is a unique dietary supplement that contains fulvic ionic minerals and ocean mineral drops. Fulvic trace mineral complexes are formed when plants decompose over long periods of time. Fulvic acids are a family of organic acids, natural compounds, and components of humus (organic matter in soil) that have incredible health benefits to the human body. Fulvic acid liquid minerals are an immune system booster and help to restore mineral levels in the body. Fulvic acid drops have been clinically studied and shown to help the body get rid of toxic heavy metals and other toxins in a process called chelation.

    Our fulvic acid trace minerals supplement is infused with 72+ ocean trace minerals, rich in electrolytes, this formula acts as the spark plug that boosts electrolyte activity in your body. Our fulvic liquid minerals have countless amazing benefits we could list for pages, as trace minerals are essential for rebuilding and repairing the body, supporting immune function, detoxifying heavy metals, among many other benefits. Our proprietary fulvic liquid minerals blend is nano-sized for optimal bioavailability, allowing these minerals to pass the blood-brain barrier. These fulvic acid drops work to clean up your cells, helping you feel and look younger and rejuvenated.

    Fulvic acid is a super-nutrient that literally comes from the earth. Fulvic acid is an organic compound found in water and soil, made when plants decompose over long periods of time. You might not hear fulvic mineral supplement or humic acid supplement named quite as often as probiotic supplements, fish oil supplements, or kombucha for your health, but supplementing with fulvic acid is extremely important for helping to boost the effectiveness of the immune system, aid digestion, detox, and protect your overall health.

    Because we’ve depleted our soils (through pesticides, herbicides, and reusing the dirt for multiple crops without replenishing organic nutrients), our bodies are lacking the fulvic trace mineral compounds they need for optimal health. Farmers used to reintroduce compost and organic compounds to the soil after a round of crops, in addition to rotating crops to ensure nutrients were getting back into the soil. This is more sustainable, better for the environment, and better for those consuming the crops grown. Now, with commercialized farming, there’s no time to let the soil rest between crops. “Constant-cropping” in quick succession can lead to an overgrowth of detrimental pathogens, and a reduction in beneficial ones. In the end, this could mean more pesticides (to keep the bugs in line), less nutrients, and more chemicals in our food. It’s a vicious cycle. For now, a good solution is supplementing with the missing soil nutrients, because they provide so many systemic benefits to our bodies.

    Our fulvic acid trace minerals supplement is a pure source of fulvic trace mineral compounds, sourced from organic humus and mixed with natural spring water from the same region that we harvest our fulvic acid from. We never use pesticides or unnecessary fillers in our fulvic acid or in any of our fulvic acid mineral supplement batches. Not only is our fulvic acid mineral supplement organic and sustainably sourced, but our proprietary mineral blend supplement is nano sized for optimal bioavailability, and blended with a proprietary complex of ocean mineral drops.

    The simple answer for what is the difference between humic acid vs fulvic acid is nothing, because one cannot exist without the other. Fulvic acid is part of humus, also know as humic acid. Fulvic acid is where the primary benefits in terms of supplementation comes from within the humic acid compound. Our team are taking large amount of humus and concentrating the fulvic acid into a therapeutic liquid supplement. This is a much more effective formula than fulvic acid tablets you might find elsewhere on the market.

    Yes, this is a humic acid supplement and a fulvic acid mineral supplement. The reason this is considered both is because the fulvic acid compound is derived from humus, so therefore fulvic acid cannot exist without humic acid.

    Fulvic acid tablets are not near as bioavailable as fulvic acid drops as a liquid solution. This liquid fulvic mineral supplement has been nano sized so the microns are below 5 nano meters, this allows the trace minerals easy absorption into cell membranes which is where humans get real benefits. Make sure to be careful where you buy fulvic acid supplements as many of the products are not concentrated enough to have real benefits and may be contaminated with heavy metals, solvents, and / or pesticides.