Taking Supplements vs. A Well-Rounded Diet

Taking Supplements vs. A Well-Rounded Diet

Think you don’t need supplements because you have a well-rounded diet? Think again. 

Only 30% of what your body needs to function at its best is actually produced by your body. The other 70% needs to be fed to the body. This 30% can only be produced by your body if it’s fed that first 70%.


Let’s take a look at amino acids. Only if your body is fed all the essential amino acids, can it go on to generate all the non-essential amino acids. To take this a step further these essential amino acids need to be absorbed in order for the body to make those non essential amino acids. Read here about why you need amino acids for optimal health.


Relying solely on food to get your body all the micro nutrients it needs often leaves people lacking. Why?


  1. Devitalization. Much of the nutritional value of the food we eat today has been diminished, and the micro nutrients in our food are not what they once were. While a nutritious diet is the key in taking control of your health, it is becoming increasingly difficult, particularly in certain regions of the world, to rely just on food.


  1. Poor Absorption. Getting micro nutrients out of the food you eat is not as simple as just eating. Many people today are in fact not getting the full benefit of their meals as they aren’t aware of how to properly mix foods or how digestion works. If you want to make sure you are getting all the micro nutrients out of your food, a basic understanding of digestion helps establish guidelines on how to eat.


  1. Food Waste. By continuously mixing foods incorrectly, a large percentage of your body’s energy goes towards digestion. At the same time, a potentially dangerous side effect arises from food waste building up in your body and fermenting, creating the perfect ground for parasites to breed.


Here are some key nutrients our Zuma Nutrition team recommend to make sure you are getting in your diet:


  • Antioxidants: Can be seen in foods as the pigment (color) of vegetables and herbs. If one has high amounts of herbs in their diet, this will often cover their antioxidant needs. Our Zuma Nutrition team have several herbal products rich in antioxidants including Rejuvenation Blend, Relaxation Blend, Biodynamic Turmeric Liquid.


  • B Vitamins: Can be found in our Co Enzyme B Complex and are critical for supporting optimal immune function, brain function, energy levels and much more.


  • Free Form Amino Acids: Can be found in our Free Form Amino Acid Complex and are key building blocks of the body. Support muscle growth / retention, energy levels, immune function, brain function and much more.


  • Probiotics: Can be found in fermented foods / beverages such as kim-chi, sauerkraut, kombucha, and kefir. We have created shelf stable pro biotic formula that has a special coating to survive stomach acid. For optimal effectiveness, take our probiotic 30 minutes before lunch or dinner. 


  • Minerals: Many of us are deficient in minerals due to our soil and our water lacking the minerals that they once had. Sources of high quality minerals include food grown in biologically active soil, spring water, and plant matter such as humic ore. Trace minerals are critical in supporting the body on every level. Trace minerals can help support optimal brain function, energy levels, hormone balance, detoxification of toxins and heavy metals, vitality, and the reduction of inflammation. Our Zuma Nutrition team created a potent tincture to help re mineralize your body in our Trace Mineral & Fulvic Acid Formula.


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