Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Protein

Amino Acids: The Building Blocks of Protein

What Do Amino Acids Do And What Are Their Essential Functions?

Every seven years, the cells that make up your body replicate through a series of chemical reactions. It’s through amino acids that these hundreds of thousands of reactions occur daily, fueling your body’s growth and repair. Not only are amino acids responsible for this series of reactions, but they form protein in all living things; protein comprises our bones, muscles tendons, internal organs, nails, hair, enzymes and more. Amino acids are often described as the building blocks of DNA.  Each of our 200 different cell types requires amino acids for optimal performance day to day.
Out of the 29 amino known amino acids, there are 9 that are essential and need to be consumed daily. Our Zuma Complete Amino Acid Complex is formulated with all 9 essential amino acids (not produced by your body) as well as as 13 non-essential amino acids. These bio available amino acids help our bodies produce the over 50,000 proteins and more than 20,000 enzymes they need to function daily. Bio availability relates to how readily available the nutrients are for absorption and use in your body. In addition to protein production, amino acid benefits include boosting energy, improving brain function, and supporting the immune system. Looking to step up your beauty routine? Two of the amino acids in our formula, Lysine, and Proline, are the precursors to collagen, promoting soft tissue, hair, skin, and nail health. Make sure to combine with Vitamin C for optimal effectiveness.
Amino acids play the role of neurotransmitters and peptides, forming the communication between the brain and your organs and muscles. By understanding and properly adding amino acids to our diets, we can correct deficiencies, and reverse atrophy as well as chemical or cellular based diseases. 
While taking a closer look at your protein intake is a beneficial start, amino acid supplements can save you the time and energy you’d spend analyzing and precisely formulating your diet.
The Zuma Complete Amino Complex is a free-form amino acid, that can easily be absorbed by your body if taken correctly. By supplementing your diet with amino acids in a pre-digested form, your body can skip all the hard work it does through digestion. Your body can easily absorb with powerful benefits of amino acids meeting your daily protein requirements without having to burn energy on digestion.
We recommend the Zuma Nutrition Amino Acid Complex to be taken in the morning with simple sugar molecule such as a glass of non-acid juice (think apple, papaya, carrot, spinach), on an empty stomach. Through the help of these sugar molecules, these amino acids will be able to enter your bloodstream quickly and effectively.

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