The Importance & Benefits of Water on Human Health

The Importance & Benefits of Water on Human Health

How To Give Your Body The Optimal Amount of Hydration

You may know that the earth is composed of 60-70% water - and so is your body. Drinking the right amount and quality of fluids every day, is critical to the performance of our cells, tissues and organs. Clean, high quality water is perhaps the best cleanser and detoxifier. Generally, you should aim to have about 8 glasses of water daily.

Given how important water is to our health, we often see people choosing liquids like soda or tap water over alkaline or distilled high quality water. When trying to lose weight or embark on a healthier lifestyle, people frequently cut out sugary drinks like soda as a first step. We know drinking water is always the better choice, but it goes beyond just cutting calories and sugar.

Most soda drinks contain phosphoric acid, which has a pH of 3.2, but your kidneys do not excrete until 4.3. It would take circulating most if not all calcium, in addition to 1.5 liters of water to flush soda through your kidneys. If calcium is not replenished, it in turn leads to a slow, persistent loss of bone mineral matrix, causing bones to break far more easily.

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Not drinking enough water leads to a weakened thirst mechanism, leading to people often mistaking hunger for thirst. Even a mild form of dehydration can slow down your metabolism by as much as 3%.

Drinking plenty of water holds multiple benefits outside of curbing sugar and boosting weight loss. Preliminary research suggests that 8-10 glasses of water can play a significant role in easing back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers. 

Feeling tired or unfocused throughout the day? The culprit could be lack of water. Not drinking enough what is the top trigger of daytime fatigue. Just a 2% drop in body water can lead to fuzz short-term memory, difficulty with basic math and challenges focusing on a computer screen or printed page.

If the benefits of water aren’t enough to sway you, consider that you could put a T-bone steak in a bowl of soda and it will dissipate in two days, or use it to remove rust spots from chrome bumpers when paired with aluminum foil. In many states, the highway patrol carries two gallons of soda to be used to help remove blood from the highway after an accident. Just to transport soda syrup, a commercial truck has to use the hazardous material card used for highly corrosive materials.

With a simple water filter, you can eliminate bacteria, pathogens and chemicals such as fluoride. When you make a change to alkaline water, and incorporate the Zuma Nutrition Fulvic Ionic Mineral Complex, you will not only feel hydrated but also a difference in your skin, energy and overall vitality.

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