Top 7 Essential Oils for Parasite Cleansing

Top 7 Essential Oils for Parasite Cleansing

Parasitic infections are incredibly common, and human beings have been struggling with parasites for as long as we’ve been alive. Yet, for various reasons, parasitic infections are not as commonly addressed as other medical conditions, and many people carry numerous types of parasites and don’t even know it.


Parasites are often microscopic, and so they can be difficult to diagnose. Not to mention, most parasite tests are limited and often inaccurate. The symptoms caused by parasites are also diverse, and are commonly attributed to other causes.


As much as we may prefer to ignore the reality of parasites or assume that parasites only exist somewhere else and don’t affect us personally, this is just simply not the case. Parasites are everywhere in nature, and they affect all of us.


Rather than ignore parasites and pretend they don’t exist while suffering from the negative health effects they cause, we should educate ourselves about them and understand how we get parasites, how they affect us, and how we can get rid of them.


Getting Rid of Parasites


Intestinal Parasites


One of the best ways to get rid of parasites is by doing an organic parasite cleanse. We’ve formulated our Parasite Detox Tonic for this purpose, and it contains therapeutic extracts of the 3 most potent anti-parasitic herbs. When taken along with following our parasite detox protocol, it is a total regimen for clearing the body of parasitic infections and resetting gut health and is the best parasite cleanse in terms of safety and effectiveness.


Additionally, there are numerous plant essential oils that also have anti-parasitic properties. You can take these alongside your natural parasite cleanse to enhance its effectiveness even further. In this article, we are going to explore these essential oils in depth. As with any new herbal product, it is recommended to consult with a physician before use if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. When using essential oils internally, take extra care to ensure that they are food grade, as not all essential oils are—in fact, most essential oils are not made for internal consumption.


What Are Essential Oils?

 Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant extracts that are made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves or fruit) to capture the compounds that produce fragrance. It can take several pounds of a plant to produce a single bottle of essential oil. In addition to creating scent, essential oils perform other functions in plants, too. Oftentimes an essential oil contains very concentrated amounts of certain plant compounds—which is why some can be used so effectively for medical uses like killing parasites.


Best Essential Oils for Killing Parasites


Some of the best oils for killing parasites are:

  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Fennel
  • Black Cumin
  • Clove
  • Ginger


We’ll go a bit deeper into each one and why they could be a great addition to a parasite detox protocol:


  1. Oregano



Oregano essential oil is by far one of the most potent oils for killing parasites. It is loaded with antioxidants and powerful compounds that have many proven health benefits. There is a difference in oregano oil and oregano essential oil.


Oregano oil is the extract, usually extracted in a carrier oil like olive oil, while oregano essential oil is the actual essential oil and is much more potent. Both oregano oil and oregano essential oil have powerful antibiotic, anti-parasitic and antifungal properties, and may also help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol levels.


Oregano essential oil contains numerous powerful plant compounds. Two of these really stand out when it comes to the primary benefits that oregano essential oil offer. Carvacrol, the main active compound in oregano oil, is a type of antioxidant called a phenol. Thymol, another powerful compound, helps protect against toxins and fights fungal and parasitic infections.


One way that oregano essential oil kills parasites is by preventing them from producing biofilm. Microorganisms produce biofilms to protect themselves from our immune system and to form into a greater coordinated functional community. Properties in oregano essential oil can prevent parasites from forming these biofilms which significantly weakens the strength of their population. This allows them to be more easily recognized and eliminated by our immune system.


Interestingly, parasites may cause more than one type of infection. Sometimes parasites carry other viruses or toxins inside of them. One such virus that parasites may carry is Lyme. Carvacrol, the primary active constituent in oregano essential oil has been shown to work against the Lyme’s ability to multiply.


Oregano oil also reduces parasites’ ability to stick to red blood cells and may also suppress the number of toxins that parasites are able to produce. Oregano oil may be a beneficial essential oil to consume for killing parasites when taken daily for a few weeks—just be sure that if you use an oregano essential oil that it is food grade.


  1. Thyme


Thyme has some of the same active compounds as oregano, and so, the essential oil of thyme is also one of the most helpful essential oils for getting rid of worms in humans. Thyme may help to increase nitric oxide, which can help to inhibit the parasites and aid in eliminating them. Thyme oil can also damage the internal structures of parasites, which makes it unique in its use as an antiparasitic. Thyme essential oil also helps reduce the number of parasite larvae, which may aid in preventing reinfection.


  1. Tea Tree

 Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil is another oil that shows promise for use as an anti-parasitic. It is widely known that tea tree oil is antifungal and antibacterial, but it also has antiparasitic properties as well. Studies on tea tree oil show that it appears to have a lethal effect on parasite larvae.


Research on parasites shows that parasites release certain enzymes to change their environment, which in turn damages their host. Interestingly, tea tree oil helps to block the enzymes that parasites release which can help protect you and also help you expel parasites and regain your health.


One of the keys to getting rid of parasites is to break down the biofilm that parasites use to protect themselves and stay hidden from your immune system. Tea tree oil may disrupt biofilm, and may also improve immune system response to parasites as well.


  1. Fennel


Fennel is another powerful antiparasitic herb, and studies on fennel essential oil show that it appears to work well against parasite eggs and against adult worms. As with oregano oil and tea tree oil, fennel oil also helps to break up biofilm. Parasite infection can also leave us vulnerable to other pathogens. Clearing out these other organisms along with the parasites can make your parasite detox even more effective. Fennel has been shown to be effective against Candida and other microorganisms that may cause an imbalance in our microbiome.


  1. Black Cumin


 Black Cumin


Black cumin, commonly known as black seed oil, has many diverse health benefits, including having use as a potent remedy for parasitic infections. Studies on black cumin oil show that it has activity against all stages of parasites. It reduces biofilm, as some of the other essential oils above do. It reduces the ability of the female parasites to lay eggs, causes the adult worms oxidative stress, and makes adult worms more susceptible to the host’s immune system. This makes black cumin oil one of the top essential oils for deworming humans.


One of the ways parasites remain in the body is that they use their teeth to latch onto the inside of our internal organs. Black seed oil appears to damage the suckers of parasites, leaving them unable to adhere to the host. Black seed oil may also be useful for parasites that attack the skin, like ringworm. A black seed oil parasite cleanse is a common and effective way to get rid of parasites, especially when used alongside other antiparasitic herbs like those in our Parasite Detox tonic.


  1. Clove

Clove Oil


Clove is one of the best herbs for killing parasites, so it is no surprise that clove essential oil is also a powerful antiparasitic remedy. Clove essential oil is a powerful oil that has been used as an antiseptic and an anesthetic in dentistry, but it has also been used in alternative medicine for parasite cleansing for centuries. Clove may be useful in inhibiting larvae of parasites and may also be helpful in fighting parasites that infect the skin. It appears to induce apoptosis or programmed cell death in these organisms.


  1. Ginger


Ginger Oil


Ginger  is a common spice used in many culinary dishes. It is also commonly used for various stomach ailments. A lesser known use of ginger is that it helps to kill parasites. Ginger essential oil is especially significant for use in a parasite cleanse protocol. Ginger has been shown to help reduce the number of parasite worms and eggs in the body. Studies show that ginger seemed to help whether these parasites were in the intestines or in the liver, which is unique among other herbs. It also may help to minimize the damage of these organs from the parasites. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory, and may also bring down inflammation caused by these organisms.


Additional Oils for Parasite Cleansing


These oils aren’t essential oils by definition. Nevertheless, they are plant oils that have potent anti-parasitic properties and are worth mentioning:


Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is rich in anti-parasitic properties that can fight against parasitic infections. Coconut oil also has a slippery consistency, and so parasites may find it difficult to attach themselves to intestinal walls when you do a coconut oil parasite cleanse or include coconut oil in your cleanse.


Castor Oil


A castor oil parasite cleanse is also a common method for eliminating parasites. In many parts of the world castor oil is used as a deworming agent. a controlled dosage of castor oil is given to kids and adults at regular intervals as a laxative to flush out toxins as well as to remove parasites from the intestines.




Parasitic infections are incredibly common, and human beings have been struggling with parasites for all of our history on Earth—it is no different today. Only now, for some reason, parasites are not commonly addressed as a medical issue for humans, though nearly everyone recognizes the threat parasites pose to animals and pets.


Parasites are indeed an issue that affects humans as well. There are various ways to get rid of parasites (link product), but an essential oil parasite cleanse is one method that shows promise.


Essential oils are basically plant extracts that are made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves or fruit) to capture the compounds that produce fragrance. Oftentimes an essential oil contains very concentrated amounts of certain plant compounds—which is why some can be used so effectively for medical uses like killing parasites.


The majority of the essential oils mentioned in this article have common characteristics. They tend to have anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial effects, fight fungal infections, reduce larvae or adult parasitic activity, help to inhibit egg development, and help to reduce and disrupt biofilm formation.


Perhaps the best way to incorporate essential oils is to use them alongside another, more thorough parasite detox protocol. Essential oils may provide added benefits and could enhance other parasites cleanses, adding an extra layer of defense to ensure you stay parasite-free.






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