6 Expert Tips to Follow During a Cleanse

6 Expert Tips to Follow During a Cleanse

Doing a cleanse can be a great way to rid your body of toxins and get your health back on track. There are many different types of cleanses, and picking the right cleanse for you will depend on your personal health goals. Regardless of what cleanse you are doing, we want to offer some helpful tips that can help make your cleanse more successful.


Tip #1: Drink A Lot of Water


Water is the universal cleansing agent, helping to hydrate your body and flush toxins from your system. Drinking enough water is essential for any kind of cleansing, as water helps flush toxins out of your body and your body depends on water for all of its many functions. Aim to drink between 2-4 liters of water daily, especially when cleansing.


Tip #2: Avoid Exposure to Toxins


This should be common sense, but it is worth mentioning, especially since we are exposed to so many toxins on a regular basis. Educating yourself about common sources of toxins and doing your best to avoid them will help your body get rid of the toxins it is already storing, instead of having to protect itself from new toxins coming in.


Tip #3: Focus on Relaxation and Good Quality Sleep


Sleep is so important to the healing and recovery of your body. A detox cleanse can be straining on your body, so make sure you are getting plenty of rest each night—ideally 8 full hours. Take the time during your cleanse to focus on relaxing and low-stress activities. When your body is relaxed, your parasympathetic nervous system activates, and this nervous system response supports your body’s healing and regeneration. When you are relaxed, your body is better able to heal.


Tip #4: Cleanse the Colon


Cleansing the colon before a cleanse will make your cleanse more effective. The average person has 10-20 pounds of waste in their colon. By removing this excess waste prior to a cleanse, you can enhance the effectiveness of your cleanse significantly. You can cleanse the colon by drinking a lot of water, eating foods rich in fiber, and by supplementing with colon-cleansing herbs. You may also want to consider colon irrigation therapy to see if it is a right fit for you.


Tip #5: Support the Liver


When cleansing, your liver works overtime. This important organ already does 500+ jobs for the body. By supporting the liver during a cleanse, you help to enhance its ability to neutralize and remove toxins from your body. You can help out the liver during a cleanse by adding liver-supporting herbs into your cleanse protocol.


Tip #6: Have A Good Post-Cleanse Plan


Equally important to cleansing is what you do after your cleanse. If you are fasting or going without food for a few days, you will want to reintroduce food slowly and eat easily digestible foods to break your fast—such as fruit, juice, or vegetable broth.


After your cleanse, you will also want to focus on nourishing and rebuilding your body’s health with nutrient-rich foods, and essential vitamins and nutrients. This is one important part of cleansing that people often overlook. Some people get so focused on removing toxins that they forget about feeding the body the nutrients it needs daily to stay healthy.


Consider the kind of diet and lifestyle you want to follow after your cleanse. A cleanse is often a great catalyst for change and transformation, so make sure your post-cleanse goals are clear.


Tips for A Juice Cleanse


Juice cleanses are popular and easy ways to give your digestive system a break while also supplying the body with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Here are a few important juice cleanse tips to consider when doing a juice cleanse:


  • Always use organic produce
  • Aim for more vegetable juice and limit consumption of fruit juice
  • Try to include plenty of greens in your juices
  • Drink slowly and avoid chugging your juice
  • Consult your healthcare provider if planning to do a cleanse longer than 3-5 days


Tips for A Master Cleanse


A master cleanse is another popular type of cleanse that involves drinking only a tonic of water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. Here are a few important master cleanse tips to consider when doing this cleanse:


  • Use organic ingredients
  • Purchase a high quality organic grade B maple syrup. Grade B maple syrup is darker and contains more antioxidants than grade A. Vermont maple syrup is often of high-quality and is a good place to source your maple syrup.
  • Start with small amounts of cayenne and build up your tolerance. Cayenne is very strong, so be careful with how much you add. You can increase your dose as you feel comfortable.
  • Consult your healthcare provider if planning to do a cleanse longer than 3-5 days


Other Important Tips for A Successful Cleanse


In addition to the tips mentioned above, you may want to consider the emotional component to cleansing. This is something that is often not talked about, but it is important to consider. You can expect that during your cleanse you will have a range of emotions and shifting moods.


Food is something that most of us have a deep emotional connection with. We don’t just eat when we are hungry. We eat when we are anxious, scared, sad, bored, etc. When you are cleansing, you are changing your eating habits. This means that instead of going for that muffin when you are feeling anxious, or eating a bag of chips because you are bored, you are going without satisfying that impulse, and this can make those feelings more pronounced.


Instead of using food as an escape from our emotions, we are making an effort to feel our emotions and understand them. Emotional healing is just as important as physical healing. When we let go of physical foods and habits that no longer benefit us, we also can let go of emotional foods and habits that don’t benefit us.


Aside from just cleansing your body, what else can you cleanse? What habits, substances, negative influences, harmful media, or other things can you remove from your life?


Keep in mind that you are doing this for your health! Even though a cleanse may be challenging, keep your goals in mind and remember why you are deciding to take control of your own health. If your why is strong, this will help you stay motivated and consistent during times when you are tested or feeling down—which you can expect will come whenever you set out to do a cleanse.

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