Guide to the Essential Amino Acids and Why You Need Them Everyday

Guide to the Essential Amino Acids and Why You Need Them Everyday

Of the 29 amino acids that have been discovered, 9 are considered essential amino acids. Essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by the body and must be part of our daily nutrition intake if we want to have optimal health and longevity. Amino acids are considered the building blocks of protein, and are the fuel to the hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that take place in our body daily.


Your Liver: The Combination Lock

After your body has been fed the 9 essential amino acids in proper dosage and form, they are stored in the liver. Your body can then move on to synthesize the non essential amino acids. When the liver holds the essential amino acids and non essential amino acids, the body can go on to produce the 50,000 + proteins and 20,000 + enzymes it needs to function daily.

There are two forms of amino acids, aeromatic and sulfur based. The proper combination of various types of amino acids and forms of amino acids is EVERYTHING, therefore the quality of an amino acid supplement makes or breaks whether it works for you. Our ZUMA Amino Acid formula is manufactured by a biochemist team that we work closely with in Japan. As our team always says, if you had to choose one individual supplement to work with, it would be a high quality amino acid formula. This is because amino acids are the spark plug that fuel hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions daily.


The 9 essential amino acids include the following:


Histidine- Critical for the health of the myelin sheath that protects our nerves and is crucial for muscle and tissue repair.

Isoleucine- Critical for many benefits, including but not limited to detoxification, immune function, hormonal balance and energy.

Leucine- Both an essential amino acids and a branch chain amino acid. Its key benefits include but are not limited to regulation of blood sugar levels, growth and repair of muscle and bone tissue, growth hormone production and much more.

Lysine- An essential amino acid and a precursor to collagen. An essential nutrient for optimal skin health, and crucial for the growth and repair of tissues.

Methithione- necessary for the growth and repair of tissues. Improves the tone and elasticity of the skin and strengthens the nails.

Phenylalanine- Crucial in the synthesization of other amino acids and is necessary for the production of proteins and enzymes.

Threonine- Crucial for nervous system health and fat metabolism.

Tryptophan- Critical in the production of serotonin, helps with stabilizing mood, sleep and emotional well being.

Valine- maintains mental vigor, muscle coordination, and emotional calm.



The 11 non essential amino acids include:


Arginine- combats fatigue, boosts the immune system and is critical for heart health.

Alanine- crucial for metabolism, energy and central nervous system health.

Proline- A non essential amino acid and precursor to collagen. Crucial for skin, bone and all soft tissue health.

Glutamate- crucial for brain function and central nervous system function, acts as a neurotransmitter.

Aspartate- crucial for the synthesization of other amino acids including asparagine, arginine and lysine.

Serine- crucial for the metabolism of fatty acids, fat and cell membranes, also crucial or immune function.

Glycine- An important precursor and neurotransmitter for the brain.

Cysteine- Crucial for skin, hair and nail health, an important factor in collagen synthesis.  

Tyrosine- A non essential amino acid that helps with synthesization of thyroid hormones.

Asparagine- Crucial in metabolic control in brain and nerve cell, and can act as a diuretic.

Glutamine- Supports metabolic health and provides energy to the cells.


It is often thought that a high dosage of the essential amino acids is all the body needs, but based off our team’s research we believe there is additional benefits from including non essential amino acids in supplemental form. Cut out the middleman and allow your body to be fed optimally through taking 4-6 capsules daily of our Zuma Nutrition Free Form Amino Acid proprietary blend.


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