How To Responsibly Source Supplements Through Biodynamic Agriculture

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Buying organic is key when it comes to health, but biodynamic agriculture is the way of the future. Organic farms utilize organic manures and bio-pesticides with complete avoidance of inorganic chemicals and pesticides. Biodynamic agriculture takes these practices a step further and creates positive feedback loops that enrich the soil, reduce environmental damage through no-till methods, and boost overall production.


Biodynamic agriculture at home

One simple loop that has been moving through the conscious community is composting vegetable scraps that are used to nourish the soil once broken down. An example would be walking out into your garden to harvest herbs and veggies, transforming them into an amazing soup, taking the scraps out to the compost bin, and then utilizing that compost to nourish the garden soil which leads to more veggies growing.


Biodynamic agriculture on a large scale

This simple model can be replicated on a larger scale by planning we plant our crops, allowing them to grow, harvesting them, and then using the land in the off season to grow nutrient dense feed for livestock to graze on. As things begin to warm up, controlled grazing methods can be utilized to naturally fertilize and till the soil without the need for heavy machinery and chemical fertilizers. Once the period for controlled grazing is over, the soil is ready for another round of planting as the seasons change. By doing this, the microbial networks of the soil remain intact, which are key in boosting the absorption of essential nutrients by the new crops roots.

Biodynamic agriculture is all about creating growing models that positively impact the Earth instead of destroying the delicate balance in our soil. Whether it's a 10 acre farm or the gardens in our backyards, each of us can play a part by living in harmony with Mother Earth.


Biodynamic supplements benefit our environment

At ZUMA nutrition, it's our mission to not only create the very best supplements but to do so in a way that positively impacts our planet. Each of us has a responsibility as caretakers of this Earth. By choosing not to live in alignment, we compromise the environment that our children and our children's children will inherit. Now is the time for business to be done in a way that supports the collective. We're blessed to be here living this life. The saying "You only live once" is only half true because we live on through those that come afterwards. Saving the planet sounds like a big responsibility, but it all starts with us and how we live each day. We're grateful to be doing our part and we hope you're inspired to do the same.

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